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Data Hiding in Compressed Video By B.Rohan Raj

Author: rahul-yendamuri

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Data Hiding in Compressed Video

By B.Rohan Raj (08Q91A0507)

INTRODUCTIONData hiding and watermarking in digital images and raw video have wide literature.This paper targets the internal dynamics of video compression, specifically the motion estimation stage. The method is implemented and tested for hiding data in natural sequences of multiple groups of pictures and the results are evaluated.

EXISTING SYSTEMWe find that in most existing approaches, the choice of embedding positions within a cover image.

DISADVANTAGES: It requires lot of overhead to hide few bits of information. The entire data sometimes doesnt fit in the image. .

PROPOSED SYSTEMWe expand the LSB matching revisited image Steganography and propose an edge adaptive scheme .

Which can select the embedding regions according to the size of secret message and the difference between two consecutive pixels in the cover image.

ADVANTAGESThe proposed method is found to have lower distortion to the quality of the video and lower data size increase.

When the embedding rate increases, more edge regions can be released adaptively for data hiding by adjusting just a few parameters.


MODULESImage Steganography Analysis the image Data hiding through image Video CompressionMotion Vector of Video

IMAGE STEGNOGRAPHYWe have chosen this stage because its contents are processed internally during the image encoding/ decoding.

Analysis the imageAdmin choose the image and has to be entered the text, image or shape, the admin has the permission to alter the image as he like; this is the first process of analyzing.

Data hiding through imageAdmin encrypt the key and embed in the image and later on that will be embeded in a video file.

Video CompressionAdmin has to be choose one video file along with one key, both will be compression and create one encoding key send to the member.

Motion Vector of VideoAuthenticated person after taking the privacy key he has only the authority what are the video which was sent by Admin.

The member can see the video in our application, in that video it can detect the motion vector.

CONCLUSIONWe proposed a new data-hiding method in the motion vectors of MPEG-2 compressed video.

This technique is very effective in security of a data and also this technique hides large amount of data with the help of Compression feature.