roebuck primary school overseas (maybe in spain ), skydive and travel even more! thanks so much for

Download Roebuck Primary School overseas (maybe in Spain ), skydive and travel even more! Thanks so much for

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  • PMB 4000, BROOME WA 6725 Tel:(08)9192 3377 Fax:(08)9192 3388 Email: Website

    Roebuck Primary School


    An Independent Public School - Broome Cluster


    5 April 2017

    School Vision: Through high quality teaching and leadership, Roebuck Primary School students will be

    positive, resilient, inclusive and successful citizens.



    Thursday 6 April


    Basketball Carnival

    Friday 7 April

    ANZAC Assembly

    Monday 24 April

    School Development


    Tuesday 25 April

    ANZAC Day

    Wednesday 26 April

    Students Return

    Friday 28 April

    Assembly – Ibis 4

    Dear Parents / Caregivers

    FREE DRESS DAYS Doppelganger is such an unusual word and yet was apt at the ‘Dress Like a Teacher’ day last week. We teachers didn’t know just how much our mannerisms and dress fashion is noticed by the students (and parents). There were some absolute brilliant take-offs by the students of staff. Thank you all for supporting the free dress day and bringing lots of laughter and joy to everyone. And…Mrs Guthrie will stop wearing her glasses on her head; I’ll get new shirt colours; Mrs Allaway will flip her hair to the other side; Mrs Leak will stop wearing the lanyard; Ms Cara might add another boho poncho to her wardrobe. THANKS to ALL students and staff getting into the swing of things and having a lot of fun on the day. For those who haven’t yet joined the Roebuck Primary School Facebook page, you are missing out on some great photos and highlights of our school community. BIKE AND SCOOTER SAFETY High 5 to all those students walking their bikes and scooters through the school. THANK YOU, our school footpaths, verandahs and walkways are so much safer. SCHOOL GROUNDS Over the next few weeks we shall see further additions to our school grounds. The stage in the Year 1 and Year 2 area has become a great place to meet, use and add value to the school environment (thanks Broome Builders). Adding to this we expect a dry creek bed playground to be installed in the Kindy and Pre-Primary area these holidays; have the oval top- dressed and cored, soccer goals installed soon (thank you P&C for funding these) and more flood lights added to ensure our safety at disco’s and Open Nights (again, the P&C come to the fore). THE NEXT THREE WEEKS Foremost in people’s minds is the two week school holidays; and yes, it’s come around quickly for everyone! For those families that can get away; have fun, enjoy family and be safe. Easter is a significant Christian celebration and for those that celebrate, at whatever level, may your time be significant and meaningful to you. ANZAC Roebuck Primary School is being represented by our School Captains with the Broome Cluster Schools on ANZAC Day at Bedford Park on Tuesday 25 April, commencing 5am. ANZAC; For Country For Nation is but one title that acknowledges the sacrifice, turmoil and heartache that this world event created. More information can be found at the Australian War Museum STAFFING Our congratulations and best wishes go to Mr Migliore who is getting Married to the lucky Rachel; and Miss Hailstone who is getting married to the dapper James O’Neill. All the very best for your fabulous days.

    Kelvin Shem, Principal

    Broome Cluster of

    Independent Schools



    Curriculum Area COST

    The Arts $10.00

    English $10.00

    Mathematics $10.00

    Science $10.00

    Physical & Health Education $10.00

    Library $10.00

    TOTAL $60.00

    Cash or cheques (payable to Roebuck Primary School)

    are accepted, EFTPOS or a direct credit to our school

    bank account:-

    A/c Name Roebuck Primary School

    Bank Commonwealth Bank

    BSB 066 505

    Account No. 10134441

    Reference Please put your child’s name

    CHARGES – Extra Cost Options Estimated Maximum Cost

    Excursions/Visiting Artists K-6 $80.00

    Interschool Sport 1-6 $60.00

    Swimming 1-6 $90.00

    School Camp 6 *$650.00

    Leadership Camp 5-6 $60.00

    Graduation 6 $55.00

    Specialist Phys Ed 1-6 $45.00

    PEAC / BIPSE 5-6 $200.00

    * $650 is the expected total cost inclusive of all activities, accommodation, transport and food for a five (5) day camp. Parent fundraising has historically reduced the contribution to approximately $300 per student. This amount per child per annum is therefore dependent and directly related to the effort and energy of the fundraising. Prior to camp, payment plans may be negotiated with the Principal.

    Payment will be requested during the school year when costs and participation by students is confirmed

    Voluntary Contributions and Charges were approved at School

    Board meeting held on 29 August 2016.



    Roebuck Primary School’s Business Plan is

    now available for viewing on the school



    Students return to Roebuck

    Primary School Wednesday,

    26 April. Have a safe and

    happy holiday.

  • Five Minutes with Mrs Guthrie

    Mrs Guthrie joined us at Roebuck Primary School in 2013 and has been busy ever since

    teaching the junior primary students. In 2015, Mrs Guthrie took on a leadership role

    that saw her develop and implement many of the innovations and changes made to

    the junior playgrounds and programs.

    I got to sit down with Mrs Guthrie for five minutes to find out a bit more about who she is

    away from school………..

    Mrs Guthrie was born and raised in country Melbourne until she was 8 years old, before her family moved to Perth.

    She enjoys shopping, cooking, camping, trekking, photography and planning her next AMAZING holiday.

    Mrs Guthrie wasn’t really sure what to do after high school. She did know that she wanted to go to university, so

    she chose teaching because she knew it was a job in which she would be able to travel around the state and


    Now that she has been a teacher for 9 years, she is so thankful for her decision as she LOVES being in the

    classroom with the students. Mrs Guthrie believes that ‘every day is different and being able to help students learn

    and gain confidence whilst having fun is pretty special too’.

    When I asked Mrs Guthrie what she enjoys about working at Roebuck Primary School she said ‘The awesome

    school community events. Things like assemblies, the community song, NAIDOC Cup, Book Week, Books n

    Brekky, Presentation Night along with so many more make this school a fun and rewarding place to work.’

    Something you might not know about Mrs Guthrie is that she has travelled to almost 50 countries and you WILL

    NOT BELIEVE THIS but…she doesn’t like chocolate! Imagine that!

    Her greatest accomplishments are climbing Mt Kilimanjaro & reaching the Base Camp at Mt. Everest.

    Mrs Guthrie has also worked hard to become a Level 3 Classroom Teacher which takes A LOT of extra work and

    study to achieve! Well done Mrs Guthrie!

    In the future Mrs Guthrie would like to visit Antarctica, learn a second language, preferably Spanish, teach

    overseas (maybe in Spain), skydive and travel even more!

    Thanks so much for giving us 5 minutes of your time Mrs Guthrie!



    Over the holidays the foundation of the Dry River Bed will be installed in the ECE area. This project is a

    culmination of our 2016 community review and the results of the student, teacher and parent consultation process

    into improving our school grounds. It would be appreciated if parents could remind their children to stay out of the

    ECE area over the holidays while the installation is taking place and reinforce the message of looking after our

    school grounds and property. Watch this space for the next step in our ECE playground upgrades – we will be

    calling for your help!


    We are pleased to share the results of our attendance up to Week 9 of Term 1 with the achievement of

    95.8% overall attendance for our student population.

    We continue to focus on improving attendance by developing strong communication links between

    school and Roebuck families, providing support and being proactive in our follow up regarding absences

    or assisting with plans to support students attending school.

    The Roebuck Primary School, School Board is seeking parent representatives to join the School Board. There are two positions. The nominee may select a two or three year tenure. Meetings occur in the School Staff Room at 6.00p