rocky mountains photographed by: ivan szedo 2010

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Slide 2 Rocky Mountains Photographed by: Ivan Szedo 2010 Slide 3 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain2 near Boulder Slide 4 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain3 View to Boulder Slide 5 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain4 The Longs Peak Slide 6 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain5 Slide 7 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain6 Estes Park Slide 8 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain7 Estes park Slide 9 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain8 Slide 10 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain9 elks Slide 11 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain10 elks and one coyote Slide 12 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain11 squirrel Slide 13 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain12 Slide 14 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain13 Slide 15 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain14 Slide 16 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain15 Slide 17 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain16 Slide 18 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain17 Slide 19 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain18 Slide 20 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain19 Bear Lake Slide 21 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain20 Slide 22 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain21 Slide 23 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain22 Alberta falls Slide 24 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain23 Slide 25 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain24 Bernard lake Slide 26 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain25 Slide 27 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain26 Frisco Slide 28 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain27 Frisco Slide 29 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain28 Frisco Slide 30 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain29 Frisco Slide 31 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain30 Slide 32 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain31 Slide 33 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain32 Slide 34 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain33 Slide 35 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain34 Slide 36 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain35 Grand Lake Slide 37 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain36 Never Summer Valley Slide 38 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain37 Slide 39 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain38 Slide 40 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain39 Slide 41 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain40 Slide 42 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain41 Slide 43 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain42 Slide 44 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain43 Slide 45 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain44 Slide 46 2010.06.09.Rocky Mountain45 Slide 47 Thanks for your attention! My next slideshow: Equipment: Sony DSLR A900 camera + Minolta AF 35-70/3.5-4.5, Minolta AF 70-210/4 lens I am waiting for your opinion: This presentation and the pictures are under the force of Copyright Law


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