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<ul><li><p>Rockfish Lake Fishing in Smith Mountain</p><p>Spending a quiet weekend with family on the ranch and fishing throughout the day in a nearby pond is a dream that nearly every working class individual fantasizes about. There are only a few people in this world who are able to take some time off from their jam packed schedules and go on to materialize this wonderful dream.</p><p>If you are among one of these people and have planned a nice weekend trip ahead with family, and fishing tops the list of all the leisure activities, you may want to give the following piece a good read, as it tells you about 3 fishes that are easiest to catch.</p><p>Panfish </p><p>The name of this fish is just apt, as it will never outgrow the size of your pan, allowing you to put up a nice table fare for dinner or brunch. This fish is easy to catch as well. You can fish it off a pond nearby or a waterbody around fallen trees or docks. Circular depressions in sand is also a great breeding ground for Panfish; so, you can take a look there as well. The good thing about Panfish is that it doesnt require you to put in a whole lot of effort to catch.</p></li><li><p>Trout</p><p>Trouts though are found in larger ponds or streams, they can be caught with much ease. These fishes belong to the salmonid family and have a sharp similarity with salmons; size being the only difference. Trouts are easiest to find in ripples and pools created in water behind rocks in the waterbody. Trouts anxiously wait for food that makes it rather easy for you to catch them, using a simple earthworm as bait.</p><p>Walleye</p><p>Walleye is perhaps the best tasting freshwater fish. Though, they reside in dwellings deep inside rivers and lakes, they are definitely worth the taste, if you make an attempt to catch them. Early morning and late hours is the best time suited to catch a Walleye, which means you can either serve them for breakfast or mid-day brunch.</p><p>If you are planning a family fishing trip at Smith Mountain Lake, that is one of the most popular fishing destinations, you can take help of Smith Mountain lake fishing charters in case you are a newbie at fishing and want personalized service regarding your fishing excursion.</p><p>Article Resource:-</p><p></p></li></ul>