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    Foreword of Hon. Datu Roonie Q, Sinsuat .... i

    Acknowledgement of Hon. Datu Roonie Q. Sinsuat......... ii

    I. Citizens Charter 1

    1. Mandate, Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Goals.. 1 2. Performance Pledge. 2 3. Frontline Services 3

    Matrices for the Frontline Services.. 3

    Legislative Operations Service:

    Reference and Research.. 3 Plenary Affairs ... 4 Committee Affairs.. 4 Editorial and Publication.... 5

    Commission on Appointments

    Appointment, Review and Investigation.... 6

    4. Suggestions and Complaints Procedure and Redress Mechanism... 7

    II. Appendices

    1. The Regional Legislative Assembly The Seal and its Description... 9 Powers. 10 Composition... 10 Standing Committees.. 10 Laws Mandated Under the Organic Act..... 11 Secretariat and Other Support Services.. 11

    Legislative Operations Service.... 12

    a. Duties and Functions of Divisions

    Reference and Research .. 12 Plenary Affairs.... 13 Committee Affairs 13

    Editorial and Publication.... 14

  • Administrative and Finance Service. 15

    b. Duties and Functions of Divisions Budget... 16 Human Resource Management. 17 Accounting 19 Management and Audit. 19 General Administrative and Support Services.. 20

    Other Offices Legal Office 20 Sergeant-at-Arms.. 20

    Regional Legislative Assembly Log-Frame.. 21 Societal Goal Sectoral Goal Organizational Outcome Major Final Output Program/Activities/Project Performance Indicator Performance Indicator-Explained

    2. The Commission on Appointments.. 22 The Secretary Plenary/Committee Affairs Division Appointment Review and Investigation Office of Sergeant-at-Arms

    3. Diagrams 25 Organizational Structure Process of Law Making RLA Buildings Layout

    4. Tables/Form... 28 Clients Feedback Form Form RRD1-A LOS Form 1 CA Form 1

    5. Office Order/Memorandum.. 32 Office Order No.:03 s2009

    An Order Mandating for the Establishment of a Citizens Charter for the Regional Legislative Assembly, Instituting and Mobilizing the Executive Agenda Team

    (EAT) and Task Force for the Citizens Charter

  • Memorandum Order No.:29 s2014

    Memorandum Creating the Composite Team to review and draft the 2nd

    edition of

    RLA Citizens Charter

    III. Notes... 36

  • Republic of the Philippines

    Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao


    Cotabato City




    The Second Edition of the Regional Legislative Assembly Citizens Charter aims to present in the simplest and modest manner a guide for our clients in the Region and those

    from other places. It contains information on the front line services and the procedures on

    how the clients may access these services the easiest way.

    With this in mind, we aim to provide our clients the best service. If you feel there are

    still shortcomings in our services, please help us by filling-up the clients feedback form, as we humbly pledge to do our best and improve our services.

    We aim to further improve the quality of service we provide.

    Thank you.




  • Republic of the Philippines

    Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao


    Cotabato City



    On behalf of the Members of the 8th Regional Legislative Assembly, officers and employees, I acknowledged with deep humility and gratitude the invaluable assistance of the

    Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), through Ms. Marian Mae C. Solangon,

    Project Officer of ARMM/Bangsamoro Program Office & Local Governance and

    Development Office, Center for Governance, the Honorable Mujiv S. Hataman, ARMM

    Regional Governor for allowing us to join the Executive Department in the formulation of the


    Edition of our Citizens Charter, the RLA Composite Team tasked to frame the 2nd Edition (RLA Memo No. 29 s. 2014) which exerted all efforts in coming up with this

    document, spending its time on research works, meetings and compilation of data despite its

    busy schedules, deserves appropriate accolade.

    Kudos to the group led by our Director III for Administrative and Finance Service,

    Mr. Jose R. Mojado, MPS DM-PAM, CESE, Legislative Operations Service Director III, Mr.

    Siddique S. Mali and the cooperation of Atty. Bai Israhayda S. Sinsuat of the Legal Services

    Division, the Legislative Operations Service Division Chiefs: Mr. Aladdin M. Ambia,

    Reference and Research Division, Mr. Jaime M. Ayub, Plenary Affairs Division, Mr. Royo

    M. Gampong, Committee Affairs Division, Ms. Julia G. Ramirez, Editorial and Publication

    Division, the Regional Commission on Appointments Division Chiefs: Mr. Samson S.

    Peralta, Plenary/Committee Affairs Division, Mr. Datungku E. Lauban, Appointment Review

    and Investigation Division, Mr. Alfredo F. Tumbaga, Jr., Sergeant-at-Arms; Administrative

    and Finance Service Division Chiefs: Ms. Haritah A. Biruar, Human Resource Management

    Division, Mr. Alladin D. Usi, CPA, Accounting Division, Ms. Edith Y. Gepte, Management

  • Audit Division, and Atty. Art Laurent A. Tan, Budget Division. I wish to thank Ms. Candida

    B. Borbajo of Committee Affairs Division, Mr. Ahmad M. Ammak of the Editorial and

    Publication Division, including the Information Technology assistance of Mr. Julius S.

    Mondrano of the Reference and Research Division and Mr. Herminigildo S. Vilo of the

    Management and Audit Division and the bookbinding service support of Mr. Gerardo R.

    Pelingon of the Budget Division and other staffers who, in one way or the other, contributed

    to the completion of this work.

    From the bottom of my heart, Sukran



  • 1


    Mandate/Vision/Mission/Philosophy and Goals

    1. MANDATE

    The Regional Legislative Assembly, being the legislative branch of the Autonomous

    Regional Government is mandated to formulate plans and policies through legislative

    measures that ensure efficient governance and socio-economic development of the region.

    Corollary to this is its oversight function thru the power to conduct public hearing and

    investigation in aid of legislation.

    2. VISION

    Towards the attainment of a genuine and meaningful Autonomous Region in Muslim

    Mindanao, we the officers and employees envision the Regional Legislative Assembly as a

    team of God fearing, enlightened and dedicated people who are committed to the aspiration,

    promotion and attainment of the regions sustainable peace and order, growth and development and freedom to pursue the ARMMs destiny through active participation and supportive collaboration of an empowered citizenry in the legislative process in order to

    evolve an efficient, transparent and accountable regional government.

    3. MISSION

    We, the officers and employees, commit to transform the Regional Legislative

    Assemblys vision into reality by providing quality and responsive legislation to promote the development of sustainable peace and order, socio economic development, financial autonomy, maintenance and preservation of socio cultural heritage, upliftment of health and education, housing, electricity and other social amenities, strengthening of political

    institutions, ecological balanced environment and ensuring efficient government through

    administration initiatives and the confirmation process.


    We, the officers and employees of the Regional Legislative Assembly, commit to the

    vision and mission to uphold a friendly legislative atmosphere meaningful and responsive to

    the needs of the constituents, to attain the ultimate degree of human dignity.

    Further, we believe in moral uprightness, honesty, integrity, dedication and competence

    in the delivery of public service under the guidance of the Divine Providence.

  • 2

    5. GOALS

    In order to attain the declared goals, the Regional Legislative Assembly stands firm as

    faithful public office to:

    Strengthen the institutional capability of the Regional Legislative Assembly;

    Maximize the passage of quality and responsive legislation;

    Promote sustainable peace and development in the Region;

    Encourage people participation in regional policy formulation and development;

    Empower the regional government in the delivery of basic social services and other concern;

    Institutionalize the system of check and balance through responsive, speedy and effective confirmation process;

    Uphold the integrity of person(s) in the exercise of the power to conduct public hearing and investigation; and

    Ensure efficiency in the Regional Government through transparency and accountability.

    Performance Pledge

    We, the Members, officers and employees of the Regional Legislative Assembly,

    Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao humbly and heartily pledge and commit to be

    Responsive Leaders Accessible to public service and to:

    A - Accept and Process all our clients requests, promptly, patiently, courteously, and with

    humility from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm without noon break, by our

    friendly personnel, and institute measures to continuously improve our