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  • 1. Institutional Presentation Making Business Flow

2. The following is our institutional presentation as well as a short description of our products and services we have to offer to your company, hopping we can cooperate together and help you to reduce TCO and TTM as well as increase total ROI per project. We are a young company, dynamic, motivated by progress and innovation in technology, we devote ourselves to the creation of new technologies of high impact such as: ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Business Intelligence (BI) Business Process Management (BPM) Web Portals RIA (Rich Internet Applications) Elastic Data Bases NoSQL VoIP (Voice Over IP) ECM (Enterprise Content Management) CMIS (Content Management Integration Services) Software Factory Full life cycle projects Technology Factory Outsourcing & Out- tasking Specialized Consulting on: SOA, BPM, VoIP, RIA, BPM R&D+i Cooperation Projects on R&D such as IBEROEKA Samantha Alarcn Correa CEO 3. Activities and Business Units Our Company: 4. Born in the Telecom sector, we attend nowadays the Banking and Public sectors (government). At River Software Technologies we create our own technologies, we develop and integrate information systems, and provide consulting services for effective solutions, helping our customers to reach their goals. We have a R&D+i centre creating the tools required to focus our efforts in solving our customer needs, having always in mind solutions and not just products. Sometimes are those products from the industry that opposes an obstacle since we've witnessed that is the business who adapts to technology and not the other way around, as it should be. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS Being owners of the technology (as ISV), we can adapt our software to the always changing requirements of any business and focus only in the solution. We strongly believe that working on a healthy environment, but more importantly having something interesting to work on, we keep our collaborators motivated to reach the best practices, rethinking and innovating, Making Business Flow 5. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS At River Software Technologies our orientation towards customers makes us to organize in a way that our customers will be the number 1 beneficiaries or our services, our catalog, pyramidal shaped, is sustained in each of our strengths. In our approach, we provide effective solutions, and we go beyond products because we bear in mind that there is always a problem to solve. Loaded with our toolbox (our products) we are capable to give value, helping IT and technology to align with the business and not the other way around. 6. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS This model gives value and it is oriented towards the maximization of productivity as well as resource optimization, making extensive use of: Proven development agile methods The right tools Re-utilization of components and production lines Control & Tracking models for development life cycle We offer, as part of our vision for technology services, agile methods for which we use SCRUM as foundation to undergo our tasks with excellent results. "When you count on us, you have professionals always at your business needs" 7. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS Our outsource division has experts in different technology areas, we import the eTOM framework for almost all areas we cover, from Telecom, Financial and Government. We also provide Consulting and Educational services mainly in: SOA / SCA / ESB ETL / Data Mining BPM CRM ECM BI We offer to the industry highly skilled professionals after passing a thorough selection process, able to face any project at the interior of our customer's business requirements. 8. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS At River Software Technologies we have a R&D+i (Research and Development plus Innovation) centre located in Bogot Colombia. Currently our formerly named riverSOA (today Nilus) has participated in R&D projects in Europe (Spain) under the IBEROEKA seal, together with one of our partners in Europe, AirON Sistemas. We use the latest technologies in the market today to provide our customers cutting edge solutions that works best for them. We have high-level expertise in: Programming Languages / Frameworks Markup Languages Telephony Mobile Technology Databases (RDBMS / NoSQL) Application Servers Technologies Enterprise Messaging Systems Enterprise Content Management Collaboration and Document Handling 9. Our Line of Products 10. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS As the crown jewel in the set of products at River ST, Nilus SCF is the suite for a better SOA in the enterprise. Incorporates concepts never seen in traditional technologies nowadays. It allows companies to be on the track of SOA and governance of their most valuable asset, their Business! Nilus was built from scratch as Service Component Framework (SCF), having into consideration how big paid and open source SOA suites work. Nilus on key aspects to enable SOA for the best: Strong Governance enforcement and administration Strong Service Taxonomy creation and administration Easy endpoint configuration Strong Service Contract Management based on (Enhanced Request Response Markup Language). Read more at http://www.river- ss.com/nilus.html 11. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS Todays challenges for the enterprise is to keep its collaborators and partners up-to- date, being able to deploy solutions easily and integrated under a single umbrella, making the business to evolve to its full potential. riverPortals is here to solve that! riverPortals build from ground zero as a Rich Internet Application (RIA), based on the worlds famous ZK Framework, is a JAVA based application that combines a full and strong MVC pattern. Listed in a ZK website as a must-look application, just go to http://zkoss.org and search for riverPortals to learn a bit more about what this leading organization publishes about our solution. Six main features describe riverPortals best: Collaboration / Intranet / RIA Web Content Management System (WCMS) Knowledge Management System (KMS) Document Publishing System (DPS) POJO Based Application Container riverPortals comes in two flavors, Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition (CE), this list of features will describe which feature to which version belongs to. 12. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS Business Intelligence, on the Hands of an Open Source ETL Toolkit, Powering The Service Oriented Architecture. An important piece from the family of products from River Software Technologies, is riverETL Studio allows creating maps of data-flows where one can collect very dissimilar data sources and create a complex business logic that serves any purpose in a BI scenario, or work as a coordinated unit for a service oriented architecture in the enterprise along with other Rivers products like Nilus, StretchDB and riverPortals. riverETL Studio is user-friendly, and for even a non-technical user it would take just a couple of hours to get trained. Why riverETL? 100% Java-based, is platform-independent and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. With the source code included, the solution is easily customizable. Remarkably flexible as an ideal ETL solution should be, it provides connectivity to MySQL, Salesforce.com, Goldmine, Amazon S3, SugarCRM, XML, RSS, CSV, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, FTP, POP3, WebDav, Autodesk, any JDBC data sources, and more. riverETL requires no coding skills. No coding! Visual Job Designer. No coding! Transformation mapping. 13. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies Todays business needs are pushing the boundaries for database manipulation, in a way that IT divisions cannot cope with the fact of the many changes in the database structures. What to do then? Move to new fascinating technologies? Cassandra? MongoDB? Illuminate? Hadoop? Or just rely on the current infrastructure and know-how? StretchDB is here as a concept to bridge that gap. StretchDB is not a technology by itself, is a functional framework built on top of XML and RDMBS for a better use of data storage technology. Columns can be added and removed at runtime with almost no side effect to business logic. StretchDB logic is no affected by this. Specific project logic can be affected if developers arent able to look for either removed or added newly columns. Enriched column metadata descriptors, allows to have real control of schema and data at the same time, unlike to traditional relational databases, opening a world of new possibilities for data-driven applications. Ensured ACID compliance through the underlying RDBMS that supports StretchDB concepts. 14. All rights reserved - copyrights 2012 River Software Technologies SAS riverECM has been developed to help companies organize their unstructured data and make it available and consumable using web and mobile technologies. ECM is not only about technologies but rather strategies, methods and tools used to capture, store, manage, preserve and deliver information in support of business processes. This information exists in many digital forms: office documents, spreadsheets, still images, audio and video files, and many other file types and formats. riverECM combines the power of many other River's products to let your consumers consume content easily via web or mobile via riverPortals, and structure it in a way that provides value. It can also capture and incorporate existing content from a variety of sources, using for this integration provided by Nilus. riverEC

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