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Rio Grande Basin Implementation plan overview. DiNatale Water Consultants. Section 1 State Water Plan Process Rio Grande Basins Organization. Based on CWCB Basin Implementation Plan Guidelines Grassroots Process! Rio Grande Basin Roundtable BIP Steering Committee BIP Subcommittees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Rio Grande Basin Round Table Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting

DiNatale Water Consultants

Rio Grande Basin Implementation plan


Based on CWCB Basin Implementation Plan GuidelinesGrassroots Process!Rio Grande Basin RoundtableBIP Steering CommitteeBIP SubcommitteesPublic OutreachWater AdministrationAgriculturalMunicipal & IndustrialEnvironmental & Recreational

Section 1 State Water Plan ProcessRio Grande Basins Organization

Outreach and Education(Section 7) Outreach TypeNumber of Events / AttendeesLocationGeneral Community Outreach Sessions7 Events87 Attendees TotalBasin WideCounty Commissioners Outreach Sessions7 Events57 Attendees TotalBasin Wide

Group Outreach Sessions9 Events314 Attendees TotalBasin Wide

Rio Grande Roundtable Meetings7 Events>300 Attendees TotalAlamosa

Basin Plan Subcommittee Meetings21 Total EventsAlamosaNewspaper Articles11 written13 plannedDistributed Basin WideRadio Programs5 complete7 plannedAired Basin WideWater 101 BookletDistributed Basin WideWebsiteAccessible statewideAction Plan for Education and Outreach Beyond 2014Planned and DevelopedBasin WideRio Grande Basin Long Range Outreach StrategiesPlanned and DevelopedBasin Wide

GeographyLand OwnershipClimateHistoryCultureDemographicsEconomyWater ResourcesWater AdministrationEnvironmental & Recreational Attributes

Section 2 IntroductionBackground and Reference for Entire Plan

Goals and Measurable Outcomes (G/MO) Identified - 3 month process12 Subcommittee & full RGBRT meetings14 Goals8 Goals meet needs of all sectors (Ag, M&I, Water Admin & Env/Rec)Only two goals are single purpose: Env/Rec

Section 3 Rio Grande Basin Goals and Measurable Outcomes

Rio Grande Compact ComplianceSustainabilityAgricultureAquifersWatershed & Soil HealthInfrastructureProtect water rightsProtect & restore riparian, wetlands & aquatic habitatsPromote multi-purpose projects

Section 3 Rio Grande Basin Goals and Measurable Outcomes

Basin strictly administers Rio Grande Compact, hence avoiding Law Suits with downstream states Water rights, even those senior to the Compact, are subject to curtailmentGroundwater Management SubdistrictsWell Rules and Regulations

Water Administration

Compact Curtailment of Diversions a Daily Fact of Life

Compact curtailment requires on average 30 to 40% of index flows to be delivered to state lineAgriculture uses 99% of Basins waterPotatoes = $185 million per yearHighest value per acre production agriculture in ColoradoAgricultural direct revenues exceed $325 million per yearAgricultureChange in Aquifer Storage

Agricultural community is taking action to form Groundwater Management SubdistrictsReplace depletionsRestore aquifer levelsPending Well Rules and Regulations will profoundly affect the Basins economyInitial projection will retire 40,000 irrigated acres in Subdistrict 1 to meet aquifer sustainability

Agricultural Constraints

Watershed supports wildlife, recreation, agriculture and Compact deliveriesDiverse wetland and riparian systemsCritical habitat for many speciesWaterways = high recreation and tourism valuesEnvironmental and Recreational

Increased Municipal demand will be smallAging infrastructureLimited ability to finance rehabilitation or improve infrastructureMunicipalities pumping groundwater will have to augment depletions but maybe lowIncreased Industrial demand will be small

Municipal and industrial

Challenges to Meeting Water Needs(Section 5)Climate Change Studies suggest Flows reduced by 33% Earlier runoffDust on Snow will impact hydrologyBeetle kill and forest fires will impact hydrology

Beetle Kill

Over 85 percent of Forested Lands have Insects or DiseaseBasin Planning modelConsiders changes in hydrology Dust on snow, beetle kill, wildfire, climate changeIdentify potential critical needsImpacts of reduction of seasonal flows on water rights and aquatic and riparian habitatsAssist in decision makingHelp identify and prioritize projectsWater management opportunities


Modeled Impacts on Future HydrologyTypical Year of new hydrologic Inflows

Typical Year of new hydrologic Inflows

Typical Year of new hydrologic Inflows

Given the Likely Future, What is Our Action Plan?Improve water management within constraints of Rio Grande Compact and Colorado Water LawRetime compact and other deliveries for multiple benefitsBring surface and ground water into balanceRestore aquifersAgricultural improvements: optimize production and minimize consumptive useImprove watershed and soil healthProtect and restore riparian areas and wetlands Maintain and improve infrastructureReservoirs and diversion structuresMunicipal

Project NameLocation and MapSponsor(s)Uses / Needs MetBIP Goals / Needs MetDescription and PictureEstimate Project Costs (2014)Potential Funding Collaboration / SourcesProject Timeline & BudgetWSRA FundingProject BeneficiariesProject Sheets

Project or Method TYPESNeeds MetBasin Goals MetAgM&IEnv/ RecWater Admin1234567891011121314Rio Grande Cooperative ProjectXXXXTrujillo Meadows ATM ProjectXXXJim Creek Riparian Protection and Restoration ProjectXXFormation of Remaining Subdistricts XXXXAcquisition of Replacement Supplies for Pumping DepletionsXXXXRetirement of Irrigated Lands Necessary to Comply with Aquifer Sustainability RulesXXXXAlternative Cropping Education and Promotion ProgramXXRestoration of West Fork Complex Fire Burned AreasXXXXBasin-wide Water Public Education ProgramXXXXStreamflow Forecast ImprovementsXXXXRio Grande Initiative Conservation EasementsXXXRio Grande Headwaters Restoration ProjectXXXXExample of how Projects Meet Basin GoalsExample Projects and MethodsProjectSponsorCostYearsTotal (000)201320142015201620172018Doppler Radar Weather Forecasting ProjectRWEACT, CWCB, USFS, NWS$375.0$62.5$62.5$62.5$62.5$62.5$62.5Jim Creek Riparian Protection and Restoration ProjectConejos County, TU, State Land Board, Colorado Mountain Club, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado$30.0$10.0$10.0$10.0Mountain Home Reservoir Dam RepairTrinchera Irrigation Company$500.0$270.0$230.0Rio Culebra Community Watershed PlanSange de Cristo Acequia Association$200.0Rio Grande Cooperative ProjectSLVID, CPW$22,000.0$1,625.0$1,625.0$9,625.0$9,125.0Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout County Coalition ProjectColorado Counties of Hinsdale, Mineral, Rio Grande, Conejos, Costilla, Alamosa, Saguache, Archuleta, San Juan, and Las Animas$21.0$11.0$5.0$5.0Rio Grande Basin Roundtable supports the development of the Colorado Water PlanRio Grande Basin supports concepts developed by IBCC of the framework of an agreement on how a transmountain diversion project from west slope to front range could potentially move forwardRio Grande Basin Implementation Plan & Colorado Plan

our Path Forward

The written draft Plan is not end goal, but beginning of next phase!Continued communication, education and public outreachDevelop and implement Projects and MethodsNext steps:Disseminate printed copies of the Draft BIP, hold public meetings and solicit feedbackRefine basin planning model and make model runs in response to requestsResolve concerns with conflicting data sourcesRefine Projects and MethodsFinalize Plan

Citizens of the Rio Grande BasinMembers of the Rio Grande Basin RoundtableVolunteers who contributed countless hours on the Basin Implementation PlanCWCB Board and StaffDiNatale Water Consultants

Thank you!


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