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Gateways consolidation and virtualization services can help you cut unnecessary costs and improve the efficiency and availability of your IT resources


  • 1. VirtualizationIn todays dynamic world biggest challenges are managing & upgrading existingIT Infrastructure to meet changing technology demand with limited budgets.Virtualization is one stop solution to reduce TCO resulting in better ROI.Virtualization @ GTLGTL offers comprehensive services that enable you to consolidate and create aflexible IT infrastructure and run it in a virtualized environment. GTL with itsexpertise on Virtualization Technologies can provide activities as mentioned inbelow diagram.ApplicationServerVirtualization Virtualization SoftGrid Virtual ServerApplication WindowsPresentationVirtualizationVirtualization Server 2008 Terminal Services Virtualization Management System CenterStorage VirtualizationDesktopVirtualization Windows Storage ServerVirtual PC Data Protection Manager Windows Vista EnterpriseCentralized Desktop

2. GATEWAY RIM DIVISION FOR END-TO-END REMOTE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENTVirtualization Software Tools used @ GTL OS Platform virtualization: VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper V, Citrix Xen Server Application Virtualization: Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware ThinappBy leveraging our expertise on virtualization, you not only reduce the riskassociated with the implementation, but also ensure a problem-free deploymentand management of the virtualized environment. Design & Deployment Requirement assement assessment and capacity planing Server Containment Server Concolidation Virtualization of os platforms Application Virtualization and Managed Application Services Monitoring & Management Ongoing monitoring Management of virtualized environment on a 24X7 basis Benefits The benets of virtualization services include the following: Reduced costs by consolidating IT infrastructure Increased utilization of existing resources Rapid creation and resetting of testing environments Ease of managing a virtualized infrastructure Enhanced security and real-time business continuity Reduced hardware and maintenance costs and increased agility Energy savings of up to 80% paving a way for energy ecient and green environment Better alignment of costs and revenuewww.rimoutsourcing.comFor more information, email us at RIM@gatewaytechnolabs.com or visit us at:2010 Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. I All right reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies