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Riding the Wave of the Future. Information Systems and Analysis Department Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (MIS) Minor in Management Information Systems (MIS). Management Information Systems (MIS). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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  • *Information Systems and Analysis DepartmentBachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (MIS)Minor in Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • *Management Information Systems (MIS)Management Information Systems is the application of technology to solve business problems.

    An MIS professional will apply technology to integrate and support business activities such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Management.

    MIS students learn to analyze, design, develop, and maintain Information Systems to support business activities.

  • *MIS in ActionIn 2005, Wal-Mart attained more than $285 billion in sales nearly one-tenth of retail sales in the U.S. in large part because of its RetailLink System, which digitally links its suppliers to every one of Wal-Marts 5, 289 stores worldwide. As soon as a customer purchases an item, the supplier monitoring the item knows to ship a replacement to the shelf.

    Every time a dress shirt is bought at a JCPenny store in the U.S., the record of the sale appears immediately on computers in Hong Kong at its supplier, TAL Apparel Ltd., a large contract manufacturer that produces one in eight dress shirts sold in the U.S. TAL decides how many replacement shirts to make, and in what styles, colors, and sizes, and then sends the shirts to each JCPenny store. JCPennys shirt inventory is near zero, as is the cost of storing it.

  • *MIS in ActionInformation and Technology Essential to Business!Think of the airline industrySearch for current low pricesReservationsFrequent flier programsCommunicationsPartnerships (EX: American Airlines Plus Citibank)Information and Technology enables much of this experience.

  • *Whats Different About MIS?MISCIS


    Objective:More efficient or effective businessReliable computer program

    Core skill:Problem solvingLogic/procedures

    Core task:Determine business requirements Deliver information systemsfor information systems to meet defined requirements

    Starting title:Business Systems AnalystApplication Programmer

    Career goals:Senior organizational managerProgramming manager

    College home:BusinessArts & Sciences

  • *CurriculumMISY Core:

    MISY 3310: Principles of Management Information Systems(SAP)

    MISY 3340: IS Infrastructure

    MISY 3350/3360: Java/Visual Basic

    MISY 3370: IS Analysis and Design

    MISY 4370: ERP Overview (SAP)

    MISY 4350: IS Project Management

    MISY 4380: IS Development

    MISY Electives:

    MISY 4390: Business Intelligence (SAP)

    MISY 3395 : E-Commerce Design and Development (SAP)

  • Software TaughtSAPOracle 10gAdobe CS4TableauVisible Analyst (CASE Tool)MS ProjectMS Office*

  • * SAPSome of our MIS courses are integrated with SAP R/3 (http://sap.com) the worlds leading producer of business software.

    Today, more than 46,100 companies in more than 120 countries run SAP applications.

    Locally, the Petrochemical Industry is the single largest employer, and they rely very heavily on SAP to integrate their business activities.

    The SAP-enabled MIS courses increase the marketability and starting salary of our MIS students to a great extent.

  • SAP-Enabled CoursesSAP has been incorporated into four classes offered by the Information Systems Department:

    MISY 3310 Principles of Management Information SystemsSAP Production and Purchasing Module

    MISY 3395 E-Commerce Design and DevelopmentSAP NetWeaver and SAP Visual Composer Enterprise Portals

    MISY 4370 ERP OverviewSAP Overview of multiple modules

    MISY 4390 Business IntelligenceSAP Business Information Warehouse Module

    Upon completion of any three SAP-enabled classes, students are provided with a certificate from Lamar/MIS stating that they have 75 hours of hands-on SAP training.*

  • * SAP Consultants Systems Analysts Database Administrators Web Designers Project Management Interns Customer Support Specialists

  • *

    Christus Hospital Saint ElizabethPricewaterhouseCoopersExxonMobilTOTAL PetrochemicalValero EnergyLamar University

  • *What Kind of People Pursue MIS?People whoAre good problem solversCan think strategically about technologyLike the freedom to develop and then the responsibility to implement their ideas & solutionsCan bridge both technology and businessCan see both details and the big pictureAre excellent communicatorsCan manage time and resources wellmake excellent MIS students & professionals

  • *What About a Double Major or a Minor?MIS goes very well with:AccountingFinanceMarketingOperationsEntrepreneurship and others

    MIS Minor:Redesigned for flexibility18 additional hours- 4 Core classes: MISY 3310 MISY 3340 MISY 3370 MISY 4370- 2 Elective classes: MISY 3395 MISY 3350/3360 MISY 4350 MISY 4380 MISY 4390

  • *How to Get Started?Contact InformationTo learn more about our MIS undergraduate programs, SAP Alliance, and MIS careers, you may call 880-8635 (leave your number) or email bandyopaku@my.lamar.edu to make an appointment.

    You are encouraged to bring a parent/guardian on the day of your appointment.