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  • 29/05/2017

    Riding The Wave of Emotional Intelligence

    Presented By:

    Garth S. Johns

    June 2017

  • Oh, What Talented People We Have

    Finance look after our budgets and bills

    Engineers design our roads

    Planners plan our communities

    Police and Fire keep us safe

    Politicians do whatever they do

    But these are all functions. Nothing is

    accomplished without our staff and volunteers


  • IQ What Is It?

    Measures things and concepts

    The ability to think logically, solve problems or

    use your abilities in hypothetical situations

    However, it has nothing to do with creativity or

    emotional intelligence

    IQ is what it is moods and circumstances such

    as health or access to information may have a

    slight impact but otherwise, it doesnt change for

    any of us


  • EIQ (generally referred to as EQ)

    Is how we connect with people and it can be improved

    its a set of skills that enables us to make our way in a

    complex world the personal, social and survival

    aspects of overall intelligence, the elusive common

    sense and sensitivity that are essential to effective daily


    Street smarts

    Ability to read political and social environment

    Grasp what others need, unruffled by stress, engaging

    The kind of person others want to be around are you

    that kind of person?The EQ Edge Steven Stein and Howard Book


  • What Is EI?

    Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize

    and understand emotions in yourself and others,

    and your ability to use this awareness to manage

    your behaviour and relationships

    Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Bradberry and Greaves


  • What EI is Not!!

    Emotional intelligence is not the flagrant

    disregard or inhibition of your emotions but

    rather the effective management of same

    Our first response to various stimuli will always

    be an emotional one people are like that

    Emotional response assessment of the

    situation choose an appropriate behaviour

    This is what managing our emotions is all about

    trying to use positive thinking and an optimistic



  • Leaders With Low EQ

    Sound off even if it wont help

    Brush people off when bothered

    Deny that emotions impact their thinking

    Get defensive when challenged

    Focus only on tasks and ignore the person

    Are oblivious to unspoken tension

    Travis Bradberry


  • Leaders With High EQ

    Only speak when doing it helps the situation

    Keep lines of communication open even when


    Recognize when other people are affecting their

    emotional state

    Are open to feedback

    Show others they care about them

    Accurately pick up on the mood of a room

    Travis Bradberry


  • EI Generally Speaking is:

    Knowing yourself

    Managing your emotions

    Understanding others

    Managing relationships


  • Do You Know Yourself?

    Feelings are key

    Do you know what your hot button issues are?

    Its ok to be sad, happy or upset

    Are you comfortable in your own skin?

    Be yourself, not somebody else

    What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    What are your personal values?


  • How Well Do You Manage Yourself?

    Do you set goals? Follow through?

    Learn something every day

    Emotional triggers what are they?

    Work/life balance

    Take care of your body, your mind and your


    Diet, exercise, vacation etc.


  • Behavioural Self Control

    Anyone can become angry that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose,

    and in the right way that is not easy. Aristotle

    He who blows his top loses all his thinking matter- Chinese proverb

    As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to

    remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves Mahatma



  • How Well Do You Know Others?

    Remember, we are not human resources or human


    Everyone is unique in their personality, skills, abilities,

    experiences, challenges etc.

    Be kinder than necessary.

    Respect and empathy

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of your staff?

    What is the organizational culture? and politics?


  • How Well Do You Manage




    A role of a good leader is to make everybody

    else better do you do that?

    Do you inspire others?

    What about servant leadership?

    How do you manage change and conflict?


  • 29/05/2017

  • 29/05/2017

  • IQ and EQ

    IQ, EQ and personality, assessed together, is

    the best way to get a picture of the whole


    The whole person that organizations now want

    is not just a manager but a leader anybody

    can be a manager but leadership is totally


    Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves


  • How Do I Improve My EIQ?

    Positive thinking

    Improve people skills

    Practice good leadership behaviours


  • Positive Thinking

    Doesnt deny the existence of difficult emotions but

    rather remaining positive when difficulties arise

    Practice positive self-talk

    Cultivate an open mind and look for positive outcomes

    Be grateful remember all the good things in life

    Associate with positive people

    Engage in flow activities

    Laugh a lot


  • Management vs. Leadership

    Management is a series of job functions








  • Leadership and People Skills

    Leadership is all about inspiring others to

    greater heights of personal growth or

    professional development

    Creating a culture that is like a fertile garden in

    which people grow and thrive

    Empower and engage their staff so everyone

    comes to work with shining eyes

    The conductor of the orchestra


  • CAO Requirements in 1995

    University degree

    5 10 years of relevant experience

    Post graduate studies in public/business admin

    Ability to manage people and change

    Knowledge of local government, legislation etc.

    Public relations skills

    Whats missing?


  • CAO Requirements 2013 - 2016

    Degree in business or public admin

    10 years related experience

    Same requirements as 1995 (called

    competencies but..)

    Well developed interpersonal, communication

    and leadership skills

    Visionary, strategic planning, decision making,

    conflict resolution etc.


  • AMCTO Competencies

    CMO competencies now look to aspects such as:



    Creativity and innovation

    Change management

    Empowering and engaging others


    Broad leadership skills


  • Common Sense Leadership

    Being a professional

    Enjoy what you do

    Be nice

    Act ethically and with integrity

    Respect time


    A customer focus


  • Common Sense Leadership contd

    Support one another

    Scan the horizon

    Have fun, be nice but make decisions

    Exude energy and enthusiasm

    Be a good manager but more important, be a

    great leader


  • Apply Good Emotional Intelligence

    Street smarts

    Common sense

    To intuitively grasp what others need and want

    Identify strengths and weaknesses of others

    Unruffled by stress

    The sort of person others want to be around

    As a leader, you need to inspire others

    Are you this kind of person?


  • Leadership Behaviours That Reflect

    Good Emotional Intelligence

    Being approachable

    Being a mentor to staff

    Being visionary

    Being a good communicator

    Having a passion for your work

    Being consistent

    Promoting learning and development of all

    Having integrity

    Being calm at all times

    Good common sense


  • How Do We Learn?

    The only way to avoid mistakes is to gain

    experience; the only way to gain experience is to

    make mistakes


  • Coach, Dont Command

    you dont have to be sick to get better Ian Hill

    Coaching principles apply no longer command

    and control

    Staff need to know their parameters and then, let

    them go

    Dont micromanage its inefficient and shows a

    lack of trust

    You are a trainer, a counsellor, a mentor, a

    facilitator and a sounding board


  • Shining Eyes

    Ben Zander An Art of Possibility

    How do you want yourself and staff to be at


    Do you have shining eyes?

    What about your staff?

    How do we motivate and inspire them?


  • When They Are At Work.

    How do you want them to behave?

    How should they appear?

    Are they engaged? What does that look like?

    How can you inspire them?

    How can they inspire you?

    Whats your own EQ?


  • 29/05/2017

    Lets Remember the following:

    Know your people intimately

    Be an outstanding role model

    Set high standards and high expectations

    Set goals for yourself, your team and each staff

    Develop plans that align with your goals

    Give feedback

    Empower your staff let them know their

    boundaries and then, let them go

    When problems occur, deal with them

  • Any Questions?

    If you have any questions after the session, please

    feel free to contact Garth at:


    I will address specifics even if they arise a week or

    two after todays session.




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