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    Marilyn W. EdmundsPhD, NP

    L ike many of you, I receive lots of e-mails. I love them, but Im often over-whelmed by the sheer volume of people who want to talk to me about poten-tial articles, inquire about the progress of an article in review, respond tosomething that they have read, or make suggestions. E-mails are only a small part ofthe communication for a publication as large as the Journal for Nurse Practitioners(JNP). Receiving articles, working with specialists to review articles, and communicat-ing precisely with authors through numerous revisions are daunting tasks. It is mygood fortune that technology has come to my rescue.

    JNP uses the electronic editorial system provided by our publisher, Elsevier, forcommunication. This online submission system helps organize, store, and manage allaspects of our editorial submission and review system. The system serves bothauthors and reviewers.

    Authors who want to submit a manuscript have two resources. First, they should go tothe website at www.npjournal.org. Using the menu on the left side of the screen, theyshould consult Author Guidelines for the required submission format. This document alsodescribes other materials required for submission along with an article: a cover letter,abstract, keywords, etc. Careful attention to these guidelines allows authors to navigate thesubmission system with the required materials so that their articles do not bounce back.

    When the manuscript is in the proper format, authors may then either use the samemenu and click on Submit a Manuscript or go directly to ees.elsevier.com/jnp. Hereauthors create a unique login ID and password that registers them in the editorial sys-tem. Authors are asked to submit their total manuscript (abstract through referencesand any figure legends) as a Microsoft Office Word file, with the title page saved as aseparate file. Figures and tables must be uploaded as separate files. Authors may con-sult the author tutorial at the website, and online technical assistance provided byElsevier is available (authorsupport@elsevier.com). Authors will be able to track thestatus of their manuscripts throughout the entire process.

    Once an article has been accepted into the system, it comes to me, and I can quicklysend e-mail invitations for review. When reviewers agree to review a manuscript, theyaccess a blinded Adobe Reader PDF copy of the manuscript via the website. Reviewersreceive detailed information about how to log on to the system, review the article, andsubmit their comments electronically. Being able to communicate and share these fileselectronically saves weeks from the normally cumbersome review process.

    We are grateful for the wonderful support provided to us by Elsevier and hope thatyou find the online system as easy to use as we have. In addition, you can alwayscontact me directly by e-mail at jnpeditor@aol.com.

    1555-4155/07/$ see front matter 2007 American College of Nurse Practitionersdoi:10.101 /j.nurpra.2007.05.007

    Editor in ChiefMarilyn W. Edmunds

    Riding the Electronic Wave

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    Riding the Electronic Wave