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RİCHEARD MEİER• Richard Meier was born on October 12, 1934 in Newark,
New Jersey.
• Richard Meier is an American architect who designed his
buildings in a rational manner with
predominantly white fronts.
2Richard Emlak Kulisi. (2014).
In the majority of Richard Meier's designs, the influences of architects
who were influential in the mid-20th century, especially in the early
stages of Le Corbusier, can be observed…
Le Corbusier
Savoya Villa-Le Corbusier Swiss Pavilion –Le corbusier
In the work of Richeard Meier some architects have effects. The most important of these architects
is Le Corbusier. Two important works of Le Corbusier are summarizing this situation to us.These are
Savoya Villa and Swiss Pavilion projects.

The most important feature in his work and the architect has
several factors to take into consideration when planning his
Natural light is the fundamental element in the center of Richard Meier's work.
His buildings in a rational manner with predominantly white fronts. Because, bright white with a
bold, geometric nature is a color that he believes he heals nature and heal the world.
Throughout its 35-years career, the internationally recognized mass produced the ideals of
The project, as built, accommodates 380 residents, as well as
serving as an out-patient facility.
The Douglas House-U.S.A.
When people enter a house, they expect the outside to be brought in, but in the Douglas House, the opposite occurs: you are transported outside, over the lake and into the trees.
The Atheneum-Indiana
Its architecture is conceived in terms of the linked ideas of architectural promenade and historical journey of one of America’s most significant utopian communities.
High Museum of Art-Atlanta
The High Museum of Art is a major public building and art repository that responds to the typological and contextual aspects of the museum’s program.
Arp Museum Rolandseck, Germany
The Arp Museum, sited on a wooded escarpment overlooking the Rhine, responds and echoes the forms of these captivating relics.
These laboratory/research facilities for Daimler-Benz in Ulm are the partial realization of a master plan for a larger research campus.
Ulm Stadhaus Exhibition & Assembly- Germany
Conceived as a programmatic and cultural complement to Ulm’s Münsterplatz and the historic mass of its cathedral, this Stadthaus establishes a modest, secular, civic presence within the main square of the city.
Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art-Spain
Contextually responsive in its scale and orientation, this museum plays a key role in restructuring the Gothic district of Barcelona.
The Hague City Hall & Central Library-The Netherlands
This continuous mega-structural galleria, 800 by 250 feet, effectively establishes The Hague’s new city center, together with a concert hall, hotel, and dance theater to the southeast and a multiuse cultural center to the south.
Edinburgh Park Master Plan Edinburgh -Scotland
The grand design for Edinburgh’s New Town was first put forward by James Craig in the mid-1700s and later completed by many great architects of the day, most notably William Playfair.
Museum of Television & Radio Beverly Hills, California
The Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills is located prominently at the corner of North Beverly Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard.
Rachofsky House Dallas, Texas
This house/private museum is anchored to the ground by a podium faced in black granite that extends both in front of and behind the main body of the building.
The Getty Center Los Angeles, California
The museum lobby provides views through the courtyard to gallery structures arrayed in a continuous sequence.
Camden Medical Centre-Singapore
The circular plan is subdivided orthogonally, and the cylinder is serviced by a rectangular core.
Rothschild Tower Tel Aviv, Israel
This unique residential tower is anchored to Rothschild Boulevard in the heart of Tel Aviv’s White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Jubilee Church Rome, Italy
The Jubilee Church (La Chiesa del Dio Padre Misericordioso), conceived as part of Pope John Paul II’s millennium initiative to rejuvenate parish life within Italy
Bodrum Houses Yalikavak, Turkey Composed of twenty-one houses located just outside the village of Yalikavak on Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula, this project occupies a dramatically steep hillside site featuring views to Yalıkavak Bay.
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