Rewards for meritorious discoveries and inventions

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<ul><li><p>240 THE A.NALYS!I!, </p><p>REWARDS FOR MERITORIOUS DISCOVERIES AND INVENTIONS. WE have been requested by the Committee on Science and the Arts OP the Franklin Institute, of the State of Pennsylvania, to make known to our readers the fact that the Committee is empowered to award, or to recommend the award of, the following medals for meritorious discoveries and inventions, which tend to the progress of the arts and manufactures. The Elliott Cresson Medal (Gold) was founded by the legacy of Elliott Cresson, of Philadelphia, and conveyed to trustees of the Franklin institute. Bythe Act of the Institution, May 17th, 1849, the Committee on Science and the Arts was designated and empowered to award this medal, and the Committee decided to grant it,% after proper investigation and report by sub-committee, either for some discovery in the arts and sciences, or for the invention or improvement of some useful machine, or for some new process, or combination of materials in manufactures, or for ingenuity, skill, or perfection in workmanship. </p><p>The John Scott Legacy Premium and Medal (Twenty dollars and a medal OE copper) was founded in 1816, by John Scott, a merchant of Edinburgh, Scotland, who beueathed to the City of Phila- delphia a considerable sum of money, the interest of which should b&amp;devoted to rewarding ingenious men and women who make useful inventions. The premium is not tpexceed twenty dollare, and the medal is to be of copper, and inscribed To the most de8mvVing. Full particulars will be sent on appli- cation t o Mr. William H. Wahl, Secretary, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. </p><p>APPOINTMENT. Mr, R. Bodmer, F.I.C., F.C.8., has been appointed Public AnaJyst for Bermondsey. </p><p>Publ</p><p>ishe</p><p>d on</p><p> 01 </p><p>Janu</p><p>ary </p><p>1888</p><p>. Dow</p><p>nloa</p><p>ded </p><p>on 2</p><p>9/10</p><p>/201</p><p>4 03</p><p>:31:</p><p>24. </p><p>View Article Online / Journal Homepage / Table of Contents for this issue</p><p></p></li></ul>