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Rewards and Recognition in Public Service


  • 1. Marilyn P. Allanigue, MMC

2. A thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. (Wikipedia) 3. Company must formulate a sound compensation policy on which basis the elements, design, relative important, cost, nature, and frequency of administration of its cash, near-cash compensation, and benefits would be strategically positioned, developed and reviewed. 4. PAY FOR PERFORMANCE We reward outstanding performance with outstanding pay Companies adapt it for pragmatic reasons it is flexible and can be changed to respond to new goals and priorities. 5. Companies show appreciation for an employees loyalty and commitment and long service, or when a company increases pay levels or introduces a pay item during hard economic times to help employees cope with the cost of living. 6. MARKET COMPETITIVENESS This can be seen through the manner by which a company approaches its market. Market rates will be expressed in terms of total compensation the value of benefits, base salaries or wages, and incentive awards. 7. When a pay for performance is blended with a market philosophy, it means that the compensation programs are designed to value and rewards employees performance, as well as the acquisition and development of skills and competencies, while maintaining competitiveness with the external labor market. 8. Most companies will need an external reference or benchmark against which to position salaries. It may be geographical community such as industrial zone or city or region in the country. It can also be a specific industry like textile, high technology, or an agricultural plantation. 9. A + B + D = E Where: A. Guaranteed Cash Regular Salary Fixed and guaranteed allowance Fixed / guaranteed bonuses (13th month) B. Variables or discretionary Compensation Commission, profit share, performance bonus, management incentives C. Total Cash (A + B) D. Benefits E. Total Remuneration (C + D) 10. REGULAR SALARY = basic salary + fixed and guaranteed allowances GUARANTEED CASH = regular salary + fixed and guaranteed bonuses TOTAL CASH = guaranteed cash + variable or discretionary compensation 11. Pay must be equitable in relation to what other employees get for what they do. Equity can be set based either on qualifications required for the job; the duties and responsibilities of the job; the supply and demand of workers so that where it is scarce, the rate may naturally be higher. An employee pay must be commensurate to his efforts. 12. Although pay rates must be adequate for the services each employee renders, they must be realistic, based on the companys capacity to pay and to compete in the labor market so that it can continue to attract and retain the right employees. 13. The type of industry and the cost structure of the company in running its business, particularly in the relative value of salaries and wages against other expenses, also dictates the size of basic salary. 14. The purchasing power of the money that the employee receives from his employer determines the amount of essential needs for a descent living that the employee can provide for himself and his family. 15. Any regulation on wages such as minimum wage or a wage order adjustment should dictate a minimum level of basic salary. 16. MERIT INCREASE Merit pay funding (merit budgets) is the result of the consideration of several factors: external salary surveys, economic considerations, market movement, internal/external pay equity, and business performance. 17. PROMOTION INCREASE Based on the positioning of current job skills on the new job. The skills and knowledge an associate has will also help determine where to position pay. Two categories may be used: 1. New 2. Qualified 18. NEW - is someone who is new to the band and refers to the minimum time normally expected for someone to learn the job and develop the skills QUALIFIED - is the normal time expected for an associate to demonstrate the requisite skills SALARY STRUCTURE INCREASE 19. FACTORS IN JOB PRICING JOB PRICING PROCESS Legal requirements Output (wage and salary structure Labor supply and demand Related company policies e.g. merit rating Job classification from job evaluation Present salary levels in the company Companys capacity to pay Union demands/CBA provision Rates in other companies in the industry and community 20. SALES INCENTIVE PLAN total pay is an outcome of performance against assigned, meaningful and achievable goals MANAGEMENT INCENTIVE PLAN a variable compensation are effective tools in sharpening and directing behaviors to support companys objectives BENEFITS 21. BENEFITS Social Security created with RA 1161 Health Insurance / Health Plan a. Who are covered by the health plan b. Outpatient and annual physical examination c. Maternity benefits d. In-patient benefits e. Dental benefits f. Outpatient medical reimbursement g. Eyeglasses benefits and reimbursement procedure h. Wellness programs 22. Life Insurance a. Coverage b. Premium c. Beneficiary Retirement a. RA 7641 Retirement Law b. The key provision of which is a mandatory retirement pay of 22.5 days of monthly basic salary for every year of service at age 60. Car and car-related benefits 23. OTHER BENEFITS Overtime Meal Transportation Allowance Provincial Allowance Standby Allowance 24. Companies use recognition programs and contest to focus effort on tactical objectives and celebrate the success of teams and individuals. 25. Maria Luisa Salonga-Agamata, Ph.D., CESO V Director IV Public Assistance and Information Office 26. Why should you consider joining government service|? Malaking suweldo at maalwang buhay man ang kapalit ng mangibang-bansa, mas gusto ko dito sa Pilipinas at makatulong sa mga kababayan natin. Ako po ay naniniwala na mga Pilipino lang ang tunay na makapagpapaunlad sa ating bansa.-- Pablo Y. Lasprilla, Jr., Aircraft Mechanic II, Philippine Air Force, 2010 Presidential or Lingkod Bayan 27. Uphold and defend the Constitution; Lead the nation, promulgate and enforce laws; Uplift the poor, educate the ignorant, protect the weak, and give honest, efficient and excellent service to the million who rely on government every day; and To make Philippine public service the best we can give our people. 28. Public service is a special calling. It is not for everyone and those who respond to the call pay a price. The price is submitting to very high standards of professional conduct; accepting public scrutiny and accountability; learning to hold a public trust and to put public interests ahead of self; respecting the authority of law and of democratic will; and entering into a community that values these as the foundations of good government. The values of public service are both its pride and its reward. - A Strong Foundation by the Task Force on Public Service Values and Ethics in Canada 29. As a public servant, I have endeavored to be hardworking and selfless, even using my weekends, at times without pay, to help those in need of my expertise. Others have died for our country; I want to live for my country!-- Victorio C. Palabay, Associate Professor III, College of Technology, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, 2009 CSC or Pagasa 30. Security of tenure/fixed term Standardized Salary/Benefits Promotion Structure/Career Pathing Training and continued education Recognition 31. The terms and conditions of employment of all government employees shall be fixed by law; Those employment terms that are not fixed by law may be subject of negotiation between recognized employees association and appropriate govt authorities. Terms and Conditions of Employment The Congress shall provide for the standardization of compensation of government officials and employees taking into account the nature of responsibilities, and qualifications required for the position concerned. Compensation 32. Kung may magagawa ka sa sarili mong pamamaraan, gawin mo na. Kapag pumasok ka sa public service, dapat kalimutan mo ang sarili mo. Sa halip, isipin mo ang kapakanan ng nakararami.-- Senior Fire Officer I Estanislao N. Temblor, Naguilian Fire Station,Bureau of Fire Protection, 2009 Dangal ng Bayan awardee 33. QS expresses minimum requirements for a class of position in terms of: 1. education 2. training and experience 3. civil service eligibility 4. physical fitness 5. other qualities required for a successful performance Qualification Standards 34. The passing grade in CS examinations, except for examinations covered by special laws, shall be at least eighty (80) percent; Every examinee who obtains a general rating of 80% or over shall be eligible for appointment; The names of those who pass the bar or board examinations shall be automatically entered in the register of eligibles under Republic Act No. 1080; Eligibility is automatically granted to honor graduates, subject to the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 907, as amended. 35. For Career Service Professional In English and Filipino; vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic, and numerical reasoning For Career Service Subprofessional In English and Filipino; vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, spelling, clerical operations, and numerical reasoning 36. One of the CSCs priority goals is for all state workers to meet their job competency standards. The CSC has launched a competency-based project which is sponsored by the Philippine-Australia Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility or PAHRODF. This project aims to come up with the required competencies of various positions in the public sector. Initially, we have identified core competencies that all CSC officials and employees should have. Competency-based HR System in the Philippine civil Service 37. Career service is characterized by


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