revision for unit 2 my favourite season ------by miss chen

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  • Revision for unit 2

    My Favourite Season ------By Miss Chen

  • plant treesspringfallfly kites swimsunnymake a snowman skatewindy and coolsummer windywindy and warmwinterLet check

  • There are four seasons in a year.

    They are .springsummer fall winterMar.Apr.MayJuneJulyAug .Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec.Jan.Feb.

  • A:Which season ? A: Why ?B:Because I can .B:Summer .Pair work

  • In the summertime,

    I go to the beach(.

    I swim in the sea and eat ice-cream.Lets enjoy

  • Its fall.The weather is .I can in fall .pick apples go hikingclimb mountains eat a lot sunnyrainy coolwindy

  • In the falltime ,The _____is very______ .The ______ are __________.How~ beautiful! sky blueleaves colourfulLets enjoy

  • Winter is __________. ( white / beautiful / nice / great)

    A:Whats the weather like in winter ?B: Its A:What can you do in winter ?B: I canPair work:

  • In the wintertime.

    It snows.

    I play in the snow.

    How~ happy!In the wintertime.

    It snows.

    I .

    How~ happy! skate play in the snow play with snow go up north make a snowmanLets enjoy

  • Spring is ______.Its and .I can and in spring. green / colourful / beautiful / good sunny / warm / windy / rainy fly kites / climb mountainsplant trees / plant flowers go hiking

  • In the springtime ,

    I plant flowers in the garden. (I go hiking with my parents. (In the springtime ,

    I in the garden.

    I with my .

    fly kites / climb mountainsplant trees / plant flowers go hiking

    Lets enjoy

  • Lets play games Are you ready ?

    Task 1 Task 2 Task 3

  • 1A______________________ BI can swim in the sea in summer.2A_________________________ BIts warm and sunny in spring.3A_________________________ BI like fall best.4A______________________ BBecause I can skate.Task 1 Ask and answer What can you do in summer Whats the weather like in springWhich season do you like bestWhy do you like winter

  • My name is Wei Hua.Im a _________girl. I live _______ a big city.We have summer ,fall,winter and________.I like spring________. Its warm and windy. We can fly _________.Its the best time to________trees. I________like summer.Its too hot. And I cant__________. In winter it never ( )________in our city. So its not very________.

    kitesChinese dont coldinswimspringbestplantsnowsTask2

  • Kunming Sanya Xiangshan Harbin Its a beautiful city . There is a Xiang shan park in it .When it is fall, the leaves are red and yellow . You can go hiking with your friends. Which city is it ?There are four seasons in Zhejiang. But there is only ( one season in this city . And we call it spring city(. Its always windy and warm. You can plant trees and flowers there(. Which city Do you like swimming? Do you like summer ? In this city ,the sky is always blue . The water in the sea is very clean . You can swim all the year round(. Which city is it ?l love this city. Because I can make a snowman and skate there. When it is winter ,you can see the ice sculpture . Which city?Task 3

  • congratulations!

  • Four SeasonsEnjoy a poemIn the springtimeI plant flowers in the garden.I go hiking with my parents.In the summertimeI go to the beach.I swim in the sea and eat ice-cream.In the falltime,The sky is very blue. The leaves are colourful.How beautiful !In the wintertime,It snows.I play in the snow.How happy!Four seasons round and roundI love all four seasons.There are four seasons in a year :spring, summer, fall and winter.

  • Heres your homework:1.Write a poem about seasons.2.Read your own poem to your parents or friends.

  • Thank you !Bye-bye!