revision: fill in the blanks with proper relative pronouns or adverbs 1. i will never forget the day...

Download Revision: Fill in the blanks with proper relative pronouns or adverbs 1. I will never forget the day __________ we spent together. 2. I will never forget

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Slide 2 Revision: Fill in the blanks with proper relative pronouns or adverbs 1. I will never forget the day __________ we spent together. 2. I will never forget the day ____________ we studied together. ( which / that ) when / on which Slide 3 3. This is the factory ____________I visited last year. 4. This is the factory ______________ I worked last year. ( which / that ) where / in which Slide 4 5. This is the reason ____________ he gave me. 6. This is the reason ______________he was late this morning. ( which / that ) why / for which Slide 5 ______ windows face south? 8. Have you seen the house ______ windows face south? whose 7. Do you know the girl _____ father is a scientist? whose of which the windows / the windows of which Slide 6 9. This is the best film _______I have ever seen. 10. Is there anything ________I can do for you? ( that ) 11. All _____ can be done has been done. that Slide 7 12. This is the very book ______ I am looking for. ( that ) 13. Who ______ has seen the movie doesnt like it? that 14. Look at the boy and the dog _______ are crossing the street. that Slide 8 15. I dont like the way _____________you speak to your mother. ( that / in which ) Slide 9 The Non-Restrictive Relative Clause : 1. My brother who is a doctor works very hard. 2. My brother, who is a doctor, works very hard. Slide 10 The Non-Restrictive Relative Clause : 3. The man with whom you shook hands just now is our manager. 4. Mr. Brown, with whom you shook hands just now, is our manager. Slide 11 The Non-Restrictive Relative Clause : that. e.g. Your paintings, which everyone admires, are really beautiful. Slide 12 The Non-Restrictive Relative Clause : I. father, the sun China, tomorrow e.g. 1. My mother, who is 50 years old, is a worker. 2. The sun, which looks near to us, is actually far away from us. 3. I will visit my uncle tomorrow, when he will be back from New York. Slide 13 The Non-Restrictive Relative Clause : II. e.g. 1. His grandfather also admires Jay Chou, which surprises us. 2. Bamboo is hollow, which makes it very light. 3. He failed in the exam, which was not what I had expected. Slide 14 The Non-Restrictive Relative Clause : which as e.g. 1. He is an American, which / as is clear from his accent. 2. He was shocked, which / as I could see from his eyes. Slide 15 The Non-Restrictive Relative Clause : which ,as as as you know/ as you see/ as (we) planned/as (we) expected/ as usual/such as/the sameas e.g. 1. As we all know, / As is known to all, water resources are very limited on the earth. 2. As was expected, he won the game. Slide 16 Practice :Complete the following with non-restrictive relative clauses 1. My father ( _____________________________________ is now working as an architect., who used to be a high school teacher, 2. Michaels new flat ________________________________________ has a very good view., which is on the 12th floor, Slide 17 3. The Great Wall of China ________________________________________ was built over 2000 years ago. 4. Mr Smith _____________________________________ will go back to England tomorrow. 5. The film Titanic miss ______________________________________ will be on next week., which is one of the wonders of the world,, who gave us a lecture last month,, which you missed seeing last time, Slide 18 Choose the best 1.Do you know who lives in the building there is a well? front of it B. in front of whose C. in front of which D. in front which 2.I ll never forget the day I joined the League. A. on which B. in which C. which D. at which 3.The woman my brother spoke just now is my teacher. A. who B. to whom C. to who D whom 4.Jeanne was her old friend, ____she borrowed a necklace. A. from who B. from whom C. to that D. to whom 5.His glasses, _____he was like a blind man, fell to the ground and broke its leg. A. which B. with which C. without which D. that C A B B C Slide 19 6.she is a teacher of much knowledge, _____much can be learned. A. who B. that C. from which D. from whom 7.He built a telescope _____he could study the skies. A. in which B. with that C. through which D. by it 8.Do you know the reason ____he was late? A. that B. which C. for what D. for which 9.I have bought two ball-pens, ____writes well. A. none of which B. neither of which C. none of them D. neither of them 10.The Second World War _____millions of people were killed in 1945. A. during which B. in that C. where D. on which D C D B A Slide 20 11.Is there anything _____to you? A. that is belonged B. that belongs C. which belongs D. that belong 12.The scientist and his achievements ______you told me about are admired by us all. A. which B. that C. who D. whose 13.Which of the books ______were borrowed from him is the best? A. which B. what C. that D. whose 14.______was natural, he married Jenny. A Which B. That C. This D. As 15.Such signs_____ we use in the experiment______ Greek letters. A. as,are B. as, is C. that, are D. that, is B B C D A Slide 21 16.I passed him a large glass of whisky,_____ he drank immediately. A. that B. as C. which D. who 17.She is very good at dance, ____everybody knows. A. that B. which C. who D. as 18.It was raining, _____was a pity. A. what B. that C. the which D. which 19.______has been said above, grammar is a set of dead rules. A. Which B. What C. That D. As 20.We do the same work _____they do. A. which B. as C. than D. like C D D D B Slide 22 21--- I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. --- Is that the reason_____ you had a few days off? A. why B. when C. what D. where 22. The film brought the hours back to me ____ I was taken good care of in that far-away village. A. until B. that C. when D. where 23. After living in Paris for fifty years he returned to the small town, ___ he grew up as a child. A. which B. where C. that D. when 24. I don t like _____ you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which 25.In the office I never seem to have time until 5:30 p.m.,_____ many people have gone home. A. whose time B. that C. on which D. by which time A C B A D Slide 23 26.He talked happily about the men and books_____ interested him greatly in the school. A. which B. that C. it D. whom 27.There is no dictionary _____you can find everything. A. that B. which C. where D. in that 28.This is one of the best books_______. A. that have ever been written C. that has written B. that has ever been written D. that have written 29.He wrote a letter to me, telling me everything__ _ __ he saw on the way to the Paris. A. what B. that C. which D. where 30.Is oxygen the only gas _____helps fire burn? A. that B./ C. which B C A B A Slide 24 31.China has many rivers, ____the Changjiang River is the longest. A. which B. in which C. among which D. one of which 32.This is the very knife ____I used to cut apples yesterday. A. that B. by which C. which D. with which 33.This is all ____I know about the matter. A. that B. what C. who D. whether 34.Is there anything else _____you require? A. which B. that C. who D. what 35.The last place _____we visited was the Great Wall. A. which B. that C. where C D A A B Slide 25 HOMEWORK : Workbook: Structures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Slide 26