review. acrushing aluminum cans to make them smaller bonly buying beverages sold in aluminum cans...

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  • ACrushing aluminum cans to make them smaller BOnly buying beverages sold in aluminum cans CRinsing our aluminum cans before throwing them out DPutting used aluminum cans in the recycling bin Students can conserve aluminum, an important resource, by doing which of the following? D
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  • A1982 B1985 C1994 D1999 Batteries made before 1997 contain high levels of the toxic substance mercury. These batteries cant be recycled and should not be thrown in the regular trash, while newer batteries are safe for both. An old battery would be safe for regular disposal or recycling if it were made in which of the following years? D
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  • A Brand A B Brand B C Brand C D Brand D Students gathered data on several brands of paper towels. They put all the data in a table. Students are deciding which brand of paper towels to use in their science lab. They want to choose the brand that uses the highest percentage of post- consumer recycled paper. Which brand should they choose? B
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  • AHow does the water retention of a soil affect its ability to support plant life? BWhat nutrients does a corn plant need to absorb from soil in order to grow? CHow do the different parts of a plant get the water they need from the soil? DWhat kind of climate has conditions that create the best soil for plant growth? Which of the following questions could be investigated by growing corn plants is soils that retain different amounts of water? A
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  • AThermometer and hot plate BHot plate and stop watch CGoggles and thermometer DStop watch and thermometer Which tools would be necessary to make the measurements needed in an investigation of the effect of temperature on the time it takes to dissolve salt in water ? D
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  • A Warmer conditions help bacteria to grow. B The growth of bacteria can prevent cloud formation. C Bacterial growth is greater when there is flooding. D Many plants depend on bacteria to develop. Scientist collected data on rainfall in Houston over a five month period. They also collected data on the levels of bacteria found in bayous and rivers in Houston over the same period. What conclusion could reasonably be drawn from these data? C
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  • Students are conducting an investigation in which they need to measure the mass of a beaker of a certain liquid. They place a glass beaker of the solution on a triple-beam balance. The students know the mass of the beaker is 125 grams. What is the mass of the liquid? A35 grams B125 grams C210 grams D 335 grams C
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  • AMonthly average rainfall in inches for Dallas, Texas each month for an entire year BThe portions of all the trash collected on a beach in different categories; paper, plastic, aluminum, etc. CThe time and distance data for a rocket after it is launched and moves through the air DThe relationship between the number of flies a frog eats and the number of eggs it lays Which of the following data is most appropriately displayed on a pie chart? B
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  • A Number of frogs/outside temperature B Volume of frog noise/number of frogs C Temperature of water/temperature of air D Frog calls per hour/outside temperature Students want to investigate if there is a relationship between the temperature by the school pond and how often the frogs in the pond make noise. For this investigation they will have a data table with what headings? D
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  • A August is also very hot in Houston. BAustralia is hot in December and cold in July. CEarth rotates on its axis every 24 hours. D Summers are also usually more humid. When asked to explain why summers are hot in the United States while winters are colder, one student says that it is because the Earth is closer to the Sun in July than in December. Which of the following pieces of evidence indicates that this explanation might be wrong? B
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  • Awhich city had the highest annual rain fall Bthe city that was the coldest in December Cwhich city had the nicest climate overall Dthe average number of snowy days for all the cities By collecting weather data for four cities in the United States over an entire year, a scientist could collect the evidence necessary to determine all of the following EXCEPT C
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  • A Dispensing cans at the bottom B Keeping sodas cold C Determining change given D Allowing selection by buttons A soda machine is shown here with features labeled. Which function of the soda machine depends on the force of gravity? A
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  • Amass Bdiameter Cshape Dthickness Many vending machines can tell the difference between a penny, a nickel, a dime and a quarter. The device inside these machines that determines the value of the coin could be designed to distinguish between these coins based on any of the following EXCEPT - C
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  • A be very difficult to clean B cost more to make than other kinds C contain little or no iron D be lighter and more flexible Many refrigerators have doors to which magnets stick. Some refrigerators have stainless steel doors. No magnets stick to these doors. What conclusion can be drawn about these refrigerator doors? The doors must - C
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  • The parts of a flashlight are shown here in the off and on positions. The flashlight will not function as shown unless the switch is A made entirely of nonmagnetic plastic B able to produce heat when connected to a battery C attached to something that conducts electricity D brightly colored to make it easy to see in the dark C
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  • AA meter stick BA two-pan balance CA hot plate DA graduated cylinder Which tool is generally used to compare the masses of objects? B
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  • A balance B thermometer C spring scale D graduated cylinder The proper tool for measuring the volume of a liquid is a D
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  • Students measured out a certain volume of water into a graduated cylinder. Next they placed a rock in the water and observed the graduated cylinder. Next they placed a rock in the water and observed the increase in volume? 5
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  • ADistance a car that traveled for thirty minutes BAppearance of leaves on a tree at different seasons CTexture of soil samples collected in the desert DHow microorganisms move about in pond water Which of the following observations would be best recorded using a camera? B
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  • What picture shows reflection, refraction, absorbing, and transmitting? Transmitting Absorbing Reflection Refraction
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  • List the 5 types of Energy- Thermal Electrical Light Mechanical Sound Heat Something that has to be plugged in Solar Energy A Bike or a can opener I pods or radio
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  • Boiling Point- Celsius Fahrenheit 100 212
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  • Freezing Point- Celsius Fahrenheit 0 32
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  • When does melting began? A0 C B100F C32 C D33F D
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  • Guess it.. When water vapor turns into liquid water Condensation When liquid water slowly dries up and turns into water vapor Evaporation When ice turns into liquid water Melting
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  • Force Force that slows or stops motion happens when things are rubbed together Friction Property of an object that resists movement by force Inertia Force that pulls objects towards the center of earth Gravity Push or Pull of an object Force
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  • What does it Cause.. Rotation causes 24 hours/ 1 day Rotates on a . axis Revolution Causes 365 days/1 yr orbits .. Around the sun
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  • What time of the day. Shadow in the East means.. Its Afternoon Shadow in the west means.. Its Morning
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  • Measuring Tools TemperatureThermometer PrecipitationRain Gauge Air pressureBarometer Wind speedAnemometer
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  • Steps to making a new Sedimentary Rock Weathering New sediment Erosion Deposition Compacting and Cementation NEW ROCK
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  • 3 types of fossil fuels Coal Oil Natural gas You need these three things to create fossil fuels 1.Time 2.Pressure 3.Heat


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