revealeya reveal hr survey 2015: the hybrid 02/07/2015reveal & eya invesitigators

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  • REVEALEYA REVEAL HR Survey 2015: The Hybrid 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • Structure of the Presentation The Hybrid and its origin Professionalising People & Culture Management The OSCAR Film Award Model The Awards: EYA; REVEAL Methodology: Corporate Stories, Individual Stories: Aggregated Scores; Individual Scores Ghantt Table 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • THE HYBRID AND ITS ORIGIN Corporate Survey: EYA Practitioner Survey: REVEAL 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • EYA: The Corporate Survey on People and Culture Management (PCM) Initiated by FUE to sensitise CEOs and industrial sector about the professionalism in Human Resources/PCM Created and nurtured HRMAU: A Child that has matured Focuses on branding the employer: Who to work for; where to buy shares from 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • REVEAL: Practitioner Survey An HRMAU initiative Promoting the solid professional and uncovering the emerging talent Branding the Employee: Where is the talent I need to grow my business; to deliver the service? 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • The OSCAR Model: Operationalising the Hybrid Multiple awards in terms of scope and knowledge technology Best Actor, Best Film, Best Producer etc. Allows the organisation, the film, the actor/actress, the music producer etc. to be recognised 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • The Awards Corporate EYA Gold, Silver Bronze SME Young Employer Special Awards e.g. Learning and Development; Remuneration and Benefits, Health and Safety, etc. Individual Reveal Overall: Gold for Private, NGO, Parastatal, Public Service, MEs Functional Change Management Strategist Employee Engagement Strategist Talent Management Strategist Learning and Development Strategist Business Partnering Strategist HR Administration /Personnel Management Strategist 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • REVEAL Step 1: Practitioner Self Nomination Self Nomination per category Self Profiling providing comprehensive achievements Step 2: Assessment by Technical Committee Committee studies profiles to determine most competitive contestants per award On line administration of HR Practice Questionnaire per category & HR Resilience Step 3: Verification & Analysis of Data Investigator verifies claims on strategy Investigator analyses and ranks contestants 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • Data collection and verification Questionnaires for managers and workers covering the areas of awards Options for online and paper copies Verification interviews during questionnaire administration by trained researchers Verification interviews to confirm findings by Investigators 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • EYA Theme: People Development Data collection and verification 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • Theme: People Development Distinct from Learning and Development Focus is on the person behind the worker Components: Learning culture Relational capital Wellness Diversity Work life balancefile://localhost/Users/Prof/Documents/Old MacBook Air/Old Mac Pro/FUE Project /FUE. HR Reveal/Launch/People Dev and Competitiveness.docxfile://localhost/Users/Prof/Documents/Old MacBook Air/Old Mac Pro/FUE Project /FUE. HR Reveal/Launch/People Dev and Competitiveness.docx 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators
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  • Time Lines DateActivity Second week of JulyPilot Third of July- End of AugustQuestionnaire survey SeptemberVerification Oct-NovemberAnalysis and Profiling winners December 4 th Award Ceremonyfile://localhost/Users/Prof /Documents/Old MacBook Air/Old Mac Pro/FUE Project /FUE. HR Reveal/Launch/Activity Schedule.docxfile://localhost/Users/Prof /Documents/Old MacBook Air/Old Mac Pro/FUE Project /FUE. HR Reveal/Launch/Activity Schedule.docx 02/07/2015REVEAL & EYA Invesitigators