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  • 1. Bridgeway AcademyRETRIEVING COURSE GRADES

2. BRIDGEWAY MOODLE SITE All online testing is contained in a MoodleLearning Management System Within the Moodle LMS courses have beencreated for all Bridgeway courses 5th gradeand up. 3. ORGANIZATION OF THE MOODLE LMS Each publisher has itsown category. There are sub-categories for somepublishers with a largenumber of coursessuch as ACE and AOP 4. SELF-REGISTRATION Students self-register for courses using thekeys you send them in a template email. This key is a combination of your advisornumber and the course code from the MasterCurriculum List. The purpose of the self-enrollment key is toallow students to enroll them selves and toallow advisors to view only their ownstudents when retrieving grades 5. SELF-ENROLLMENT KEYIn this example to enroll in Ace Social Studies for Advisor Darlene the familywould be sent the key 20-30101S 6. RETRIEVING GRADES Navigate to andenter your username and password. 7. RETRIEVING GRADES Navigate to the course for which you want toretrieve grades. You can select the coursefrom the panel on the right side or use thecourses drop down to select the categoryand then the course. NOTE:Once you are in one course that thestudent is enrolled in, you will be able to retrievegrades for all courses the student is enrolled in. 8. HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN TO RETRIEVEGRADES? Since we are not waiting for students toreturn materials to us, you will need to checkand record students grades at the end ofeach semester. At the end of the students enrollment period,you will need to check for submitted gradesand work with the student to request anextension if necessary if all tests have notbeen completed 9. RETRIEVING GRADES 10. RETRIEVING GRADES 11. RETRIEVING GRADES 12. RETRIEVING GRADES 13. RETRIEVING GRADES 14. RETRIEVING GRADES 15. GRADING ESSAYS AND ESSAY QUESTIONS 16. GRADING ESSAYS 17. GRADING ESSAYS 18. THE MARKING BLOCK The Marking Block can be added to yourhome page by clicking customize and thenselecting the marking block. 19. THE MARKING BLOCK The Marking Block shows all essay questionsthat need to be manually graded through out thesite. Click the + sign next to a course to displayassignments and continue to click the + signuntil student names are displayed. If you seeyour student, click on their name to bring up themarking screen. After an assignment is graded it is removedfrom the Marking Block