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Whats Wrong With ConventionalCustomer Loyalty Programs

Questions Brands Be Asking ThemselvesWhat is the goal(s) for our loyalty programs?What have we spent to date on these programs?How much do we spend running and administering them today?What is the cost of the rewards we have issued?What is the total annual investment in loyalty?What is the ROI (to date) for these programs?What are the consumer attitidues towards our loyalty programs?What would happen if we didnt have a loyalty program? Would customers cease doing business with us?Is there another way to think about loyalty?

How We Do It

Loyalty: The Bigger Picture


Lack of Focus on Creating True Loyalty Relationship4

Rewards Tend to Be One Size Fits All

Too Complicated and Card Based

Programs Not Geared to Mediums that Matter

Programs Not Designed to Mine Feedback/Reviews

Data Isnt Being Used to Optimize Programs

Loyalty should not simply be the classic points/rewards based program. Rather, it needs to be an omni channel approach to targeting the consumer with highly personalized and relevant offers that drive incremental store visits. Mobile absolutely must be a centerpiece of your customers loyalty experience with your brand. This does not mean that you create an app and consider the task completed. Done correctly, all key mobile touchpoints (SMS, app, mWeb, mWallet, display, etc.) should be extensions of your loyalty program and seek to deliver relevant offers and rewards that surprise and delight your customers. But so too should your other key digital touchpoints (email, social, mWallet) The customers loyalty program number should be their cell phone number and registration needs to immediately be simplified in dramatic fashion. Rewards should not be a one size fits all approach but rather geared around what consumer has told us they want either via preference minding, behavioral data or transaction history.

How to ReThink Your Approach to Conventional Loyalty

Design automated journeys that seek to progressively mine preference data after initial registration is completed. These can be polls, surveys, preference mining pages or even social authentication schemes which induce the consumer to provide increasing levels of data about themselves in return for highly personalized offers that will be exclusive to loyalty program members. When customer reveals preferences, responds to surveys/polls, gives a positive review or otherwise engages the brand Reward that behavior (S&D) and reinforce it.Consider approaching loyalty from a surprise & delight standpoint where you dont have points or plateaus but rather, utilize data to reward consumers in a very personal way.Emails should be used to touch consumers with personal offers based on their preferences/transaction history or behavioral data.Social should also be another channel where we touch loyal fans of the brand with offers that reward them for supporting the brand and creating viral mentions. For mobile consumers use SMS or PUSH to direct rewards to your consumersHow to ReThink Your Approach to Conventional Loyalty