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- The Next Generation Branding: Building Relations for Customer Loyalty - A Tutorial By BrandSmack International, Karachi


  • 1. THE FASHION NEWS Condition One In Retail Put Brands On The Right Diet Brands feed on Energy released by Positive Human Emotions triggered by ideal conditions in Conventional and Retail Sales. That cause customers to spend money at your outlet instead of competition next door. The Loyalty becomes a side-effect because of their Emotional Experience!

2. R.E.S.T. - Retail Etiquette & Selling Techniques 3. The Energy Supplied Determines The Shelf-Life of a Brand 4. The Attitude Determines The Altitude 5. Personal Branding 6. Nothing Pushes The Corporate Brand Like Strong Personal Brands 7. Personal Branding is a) Being Original b) And doing which no one else is doingAs the story goes Jean Claude Van Damme did a full split right on the desk of a Hollywood producer and claimed that he will make him money. He wasnt trying to be somebody he wasnt, but being original. He gained international fame as a movie star. 8. Dr. Syed Nadeem Ahsan is the man behind the camera; behind pictures which are marked by his name. He inspired me to create this presentation and gave me a word of encouragement. A Pain-Management Specialist by profession, his photography surpasses the images that we find in National Geographic. I branded him an Artist long ago and often tell him that he is in the wrong profession. He works and lives in Philadelphia with his family and travels the globe . He is another fine example of PERSONAL BRANDING. 9. Lets Walk Through The Gates of Unbounded Prosperity BrandSmack International is your partner in success. We do things quite differently. Our valued clients demonstrate their confidence in what we say and do and the methodology we employ to deliver the results. Our services can be found under Core Competencies on our website.Please Do Visit


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