Resumes Top 10 things to Avoid & Top 10 things to Include By Jennifer L. Bowie Points from “Resumes: You Can’t Escape” by Donald S. Le Vie Jr

Download Resumes Top 10 things to Avoid & Top 10 things to Include By Jennifer L. Bowie Points from “Resumes: You Can’t Escape” by Donald S. Le Vie Jr

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<ul><li><p>ResumesTop 10 things to Avoid &amp; Top 10 things to IncludeBy Jennifer L. BowiePoints from Resumes: You Cant Escape by Donald S. Le Vie Jr.</p></li><li><p>Top Ten things to Avoid (10-7):10) Including references with your resume 9) Including projects or other information that would detract from resume 8) XXXX Sending your resume even if you do not come close to meeting the prerequisites/requirements XXXX 7) Listing training courses that did not result in some type of certificate</p></li><li><p>Top Ten things to Avoid (6-1):6) Doing/Sending anything other than what was required 5) Using a narrative style for your resume 4) Including hobbies on your resume3) Mixing to many job titles on your resume2) Not sending a Cover LetterAnd the top thing to avoid:1) Having only 1 version of your resume</p></li><li><p>A Few things Reviewers wantStyleClaritySuccinctnessAttractive FormatProfessional AppearanceHigh Impact</p><p>ContentFocus on critical skills that impact bottom lineSummary of work-related experienceDocumentation of achieved resultsSynopsis of work- related accomplishmentsLinks between your skills and experience and their needsKeywords (theirs)</p></li><li><p>Top 10 Things to Do (10-7):10) Have a properly formatted ASCII version9) Use phrases (Action verbs!) for your accomplishments that put you on the short list 8) Highlight accomplishments as well as responsibilities7) Include a programming skills/ proficiency matrix to highlight expertise</p></li><li><p>Top 10 Things to Do (6-3):6) Include a list of publications or special projects5) Include professional association &amp; organizations of which you are a member4) Include any awards, certificates, and special honors3) Include a noun or noun-phrase keyword list or summary</p></li><li><p>Top 10 Things to Do (2-1):2) Highlight links between skills, experience, and knowledge to the businesses needs/job function requirementsAnd the top thing to do:1) Put your objectives in your cover letter without calling it your Objective</p></li><li><p>Other things to do:Consider ethics (Dont lie!)Try creating a timeline of jobs without large time gaps (some exceptions)List at least some employment!Always contact your references before giving them outDesign the resume with clear distinctive headings (larger sized, in bold, and in a contrast font works well) </p></li><li><p>And even more things to do:Match the body font of your resume and cover letterShow dont tell your experience through examples, details and explanations (see the book where it talks about specific language)Tailor the letter to the job!PROOFREAD!!!!!!</p></li></ul>