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"Here are some words that you must refrain from while creating your curriculum vitae. (More tips and answers at"


  • 1. Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!www.Jobxray.comCorrect, comprehensive and effective insider tips for job seekers, is yoursingle stop for answers to all the tough, sometimes bizarre questions that interviewers aroundthe world can test you with.Job Interviews carry high stakes and can be extremely stressful given the high stakes that theycarry. Interviewers can be moody but overall, interviews follow a definite structure. Afterpersonally conducting countless interviews and reviewing 1000s of resumes I have squeezed allthe tricks into the easy to follow www.jobxray.comHere is one popular article from my blog -Resume Words To AvoidMaking a great first impression is an essential step to getting a job offer and it starts with aproficiently written resume. Habitually, most of us do a quick search on the Internet and copyphrases and sentences from an existing sample.These online results mostly give the most overused terms and resume words to avoid at anycost; they not only fail to create a good impression but instead put the hiring manager off.When recruiters look at resumes they are searching for those candidates that can help theorganization make money. This means that an effective resume should only have thatinformation which demonstrates how the applicant can be profitable to the prospective employer.Good resumes focus on the positive impact that candidates have created in the past or thepotential that the individual has to become gainfully employed. Remember, a business is aboutprofit and loss; you have to take every opportunity to show how you are worth more than thesalary that the company is going to pay to you.

2. Interview Questions, Answers and Tips! www.Jobxray.comHere are some words that you must refrain from while creating your curriculum vitae Responsible forSuccessfullyI / MyTeam playerCompetentQualified / ExperiencedFocusedEnergeticAccomplishedMotivatedDetail OrientedHard workingTrustworthyLets take a few examples to help understand this better Example 1:"I was responsible for setting up the office in Germany"This doesnt give any information as to what the actual responsibilities were or what was finallyaccomplished. 3. Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!www.Jobxray.comBetter usage:"Setup and began operations of the Germany retail branch office in 2004 with 7 employees; ithas since grown to over 55 staff members with a year on year profit of 19%"Example 2:"I am an energetic individual who is motivated to succeed"A nice sounding sentence which does not highlight any specific skill.Better usage:"Proven track record of quick delivery of results; identified redundancies in the vendor paymentprocess to reduce costs by 7%" Dream