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carrying a flashy resume never matters wearing perfect explanation and presence of mind matters a lot to WIN A JOB. ARISE ROEVER ROBY


  • 1. RESUMEforENGINEERSbyA.ROBERT MARIA VINCENTDirector Training & PlacementRoever Technical CampusROEVER PLACEMENT ROBYRoever Roby

2. What is a resume? A resume is a marketing brochureabout you. It describes your skills,experience and your education. Thepurpose of an effective resume is toget you an interview.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 3. Is one resume good for all jobs? customize for each position ACCORDINGLY revise your resume in addition to creating a newcover letter requires research about the organization andindustry HELPS TO KNOW ABOUT THEORGANIZATIONROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 4. What is a chronological resume? The experience section of a chronological resumeincludes your positions, listed in reversechronological order (beginning with your mostrecent position and working backwards). Essential data includes: name of organization,location, your title, and dates ofemployment/involvement. This is followed by severalbullets, describing your skills and achievements.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 5. How is an engineering resumedifferent than a liberal arts resume? An engineering resume may include specialized sectionheadings such as:1.Technical Skills 2.Lab Experience3.Lab Skills Relevant Courses 4.Engineering Experience5.Academic Experience6.Research Projects or Design ProjectsROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 6. What else do I need to know aboutresumes? Survive the human scan. Resumes get less than30 seconds of an employer's time. Survive the electronic scan. Make sure you haveused appropriate jargon and keywords for yourfield. Capture your readers attention by keeping yourresume to a single, easily skimmable page.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 7. Check with a Career Counselor about exceptions tothe one-page rule. Use good quality paper in colors such as white,off-white or neutral if submitting hard copy. Check for typos, spelling errors, and grammarusage. Include a customized cover letter thatdemonstrates how you match the employersrequirements.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 8. How do I email my resume?Email your resume and cover letter as one attachment (PDFformat with your cover letter as page 1 and resume as page 2). When emailing your documents to employers, includeyour first initial and last name in the title of the document.When creating an appropriate subject line for your email,use your name and the position to which youre applying.For example: Civil engineering intern application from J.Barnum. Include a short note in your email message to brieflyintroduce yourself, list the position to which you areapplying, and look forward ROEVER PLACEMENT to connecting ROBYwith the 9. FORMATTING & MECHANICS Document fits on one page withoutovercrowding. Check with a career counselorfor rare exceptions. Font size is 10-12 point and isprofessional and uniform throughout resume. Resume is visually appealing.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 10. Dates are uniformly formatted, NOT placed inthe left-hand margin Judicious use of bold, italics, and underlinesenhances appearance and readability. There are no errors in capitalization, spelling,word usage, grammar, and punctuation. Margins are no smaller than .5 inches. Entries are listed in reverse chronologicalorder (current to oldest) in each section.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 11. CONTACT INFORMATION Includes 1 address, 1 phone number, and 1professional email address. If applicable, contact information may includelinks to a professional portfolio, website, orLinkedIn page.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 12. EDUCATION Education is first section on resume, below contactinfo. Include honors/awards here (e.g., Deans List). Each educational institution (high school/college)includes name and location (City, State). Study abroad is listed (institution, country, and datesof study), if applicable. Degree, month, and year of graduation are identified(i.e. Bachelor of Arts, May 2017 or Bachelorsdegree, May 2017, if undeclared) Including coursework is optional and can be aseparate section. List selected courses relevant tojob/internship.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 13. EXPERIENCE Include paid, volunteer, intern, and extracurricularactivities. Include 4 items: employer/organization name, location(City, State), dates, and title/role. Use a round or square, solid bullet ( , ) to list youraccomplishments and skills. Start descriptions with strong skill-based verbs ( see thenext page). Use present tense for ongoing work. Phrases are concise and provide useful information. Toconvey maximum impact, ask yourself, So what? Use quantitative information, when possible, to proveROEVER PLACEMENT ROBYyour results and effectiveness. 14. SKILLS Skills can be listed in a separate category. Skills are identified by type, includingcomputer, language, technical, and laboratoryskills. Proficiency level is included for languages(native, fluent, proficient, conversant). Do not include personal attributes or soft skills(e.g., teamwork, communication).ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 15. ADDITIONAL Include dates of participation for activities. Acategory of interests is optional. If publication section is included, it isappropriately formatted. Document does not include use of personalpronouns (I, me, we) or articles (a, the). List of references is not included. Do not use thephrase, References available upon request .ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 16. USE ACTION VERBSApproved arranged cataloguedpurchased recorded retrieved screenedclassified collected compiledspecified systematized tabulated validatedimplemented inspected monitoredoperated organized prepared processedROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 17. COMMUNICATION SKILLSaddressed developed formulatedmoderated publicizedtranslated arbitrated arrangedauthored corresponded directeddrafted edited enlisted influencedinterpreted lectured mediatedmotivated Negotiated persuadedpromoted reconciled recruited spokeROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 18. MANAGEMENT SKILLSadministered conducted developedincreased producedscheduled analyzed consolidateddirected organized recommendedstrengthened assigned attainedchaired contracted coordinateddelegated evaluated executedimproved oversaw planned prioritizedROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY 19. REFERENCESList of reference that need to be mentionedCross check about your performance.ROEVER PLACEMENT ROBY