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  1. 1. 1401 Timberlake Circle Richardson, Texas 75080 Phone: 757-513-7975 Email: Qualification Summary Seasoned event management professional with ten years of versatile experience, with a forte in planning and servicing medium to large conventions. Experienced in multiple hotel brands, markets, property size, and workforce diversity to ensure flawless contract execution and customer satisfaction. Responsible for interpreting client needs, working within a budget, up selling, room block management, and customer relationship management. Established record in project management, solving complex situations objectively, client retention, and improvement planning. Professional Experience Rovia, LLC. 2014 - Present Dreamtrip Specialist PD Support Analyze contracts and proposals sourced by product procurement colleagues from suppliers (hotels, resorts, and tour co.) for the Asia, Oceania, and Africa Markets, ensuring that the cost is at a minimum of 20% below BAR, and meets predetermined parameters as defined by Leadership. Create basic web content for Dream trips and set the selling price of the negotiated product based on pre-defined parameters set by Leadership. Implemented process improvements within the department that increased productivity, and eliminated unnecessary processes. Work closely with product marketing to ensure an excellent member experience. Hilton, Washington D.C., 1070 Rooms, 110,000 ft2 Meeting Space 2011 2013 Senior Event Manager Responsible for the successful execution of written sales agreement for large scale, complex, full service meetings/conventions Forecast group room nights and food and beverage revenue within a +/- 3% accuracy Upsell food and beverage by $323,000.00 over contracted minimums for 2012/2013 Successfully manage room block inventory up to 1000 rooms on peak equating to as much as $1,000,000 in revenue Contributed to a department wide 47% increase in Large meeting planner satisfaction scores year over year Spearheaded the meeting planner I-Pad project, implementing I-Pad for meeting planner use onsite during conventions Supervise and mentor event assistants by leading daily huddles and bi-weekly accountability meetings Marriott, Richmond,VA,410GuestRooms,30,000ft2 MeetingSpace 2009-2011 Event Services Manager Repeat client base signed 2010 contracts of over 4000 room nights & $200,000 in F&B minimums Implemented Virginia DEQ Green Hotel Certification Maintained over 90% Overall and Planning satisfaction event scores Significantly contributed to a 20 point rise in Event Satisfaction Scores over the previous year of 2008 Up-sold on menus to increase F&B revenue by 152% over the contracted F&B minimums for the year 2010. Trained and mentored VCU Hospitality interns Marriott, Norfolk., VA, 405 Guest Rooms, 60,000 ft2 Meeting Space 2005-2009 Event Services Manager Up-sold on menus to increase F&B revenue by 138% over the contracted F&B minimums for the year. Initiated a comprehensive energy savings plan for hotel and convention center with Executive Committee to reduce hotels energy consumption and decrease hotels monthly energy bills by 18% Skills & Training Certifications Proficient in, Delphi Sales Software, Marriotts MARSHA and PMS systems, Hilton OnQ R&I and PMS systems, Optimum Settings ii & Meeting Matrix, Marriott Sales & Service School 2008, Excellent Microsoft Office Skills. Marriott International Green Meetings Certified Planner, Marriott International Certified Wedding Planner Bryan A. Parks
  2. 2. To prospective employers of Bryan Parks; Ive know and worked with Bryan as an event planner for over five years and am very pleased to be writing a supportive reference for him. I met and began working with Bryan during the execution of one of the nations largest EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Symposium held at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott where Bryan worked. As the event planner for this 2,000 attendee, 4 -day training event, the logistical requirements of offering 250 classes presented a major challenge for any facility and staff. Bryan stepped in multiple times and helped me execute this event even when my needs were way outside his job description. I have been doing meetings for nearly 40 years, teach an event planning course for the University of Virginia and managed the statewide association representing the Virginia hospitality industry for almost 20-years so when I say Bryan is one of the best ambassadors for exceptional customer service Ive ever met I have the credentials and experience to back up that statement. When Bryan moved to Richmond to work for the Richmond Marriott Hotel he continued his amazing service and support talents by helping me host my UVA meetings class at his hotel. Bryan helped me teach the class and provided my 35 students with an example of how one person can make a huge difference in selling convention services to prospective clients. Id be honored to talk personally with anyone interested in hiring Bryan. His energy and upbeat attitude would make a great property interested in hiring a true customer service oriented professional. I can be reached at 804-283-0176 or for additional comments. Bob Ramsey, CAE President Ramsey Management Group, Inc. 2704 Cottage Cove Drive Richmond, VA 23233
  3. 3. February 3, 2011 RE: Bryan Parks To Whom It May Concern: I am writing on behalf of Bryan Parks, who is currently an Event Manager at the Richmond Marriott in Richmond, Virginia. I am the Client Services Manager with Virginia Economic Development Partnership International Trade and am responsible for all aspects of planning the annual Virginia Conference on World Trade. I cannot adequately convey to you the depth of my appreciation for all of Bryans hard work and attention to detail to make sure that our events are excellent. I had the great fortune to meet Bryan when we were planning the 60th Virginia Conference on World Trade in 2008, which was held at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. He left no detail to chance. We had a diverse group and had our lunch catered by an outside vendor. When the vendor was delayed, Bryan was in the back, helping to plate food to make sure that our lunch was served on time. Later in the afternoon, when we were setting up for our banquet, the florist had forgotten that part of our contract was that there was to be dye placed in the water of the floral arrangements. While I was about to have a meltdown, Bryan came to my rescue once again, dye in hand from the kitchen, and he himself was adding dye to the floral arrangements water. The only hiccups we had were with outside vendors not delivering as they were supposed to, but Bryan sprang into action to make our event exceptional. When Bryan left the Norfolk Waterside Marriott, we were thrilled to learn he was at the Richmond Marriott, right near our offices. We chose the Richmond Marriott for our 2010 conference location because we knew that Bryan would make sure our event was perfect. We wish he could be our event manager for everything we do. His professionalism is top-notch; I have interacted with him twice with our Governor in attendance at his venue, as well as the Indian Ambassador to the United States. He thinks of details that dont even cross my mind, and he makes sure that anything I need is attended to immediately. On a personal note, at one conference, I evidently did a terrible job packing and when I arrived at the hotel, hours away from my home, I realized I had forgotten to pack most of my personal items. Yet again, Bryan arranged to have a list of what I needed procured and I didnt have to miss a beat. I cannot recommend Bryan highly enough. He has made me look good to my superiors and as a result of how well our events have gone, I have received excellent commendations from my director. I have had the opportunity to observe Bryan at other events at his venue as well, and he has given as much care and attention to detail to those other events as he has mine. Anybody who is fortunate enough to have worked with Bryan is spoiled by his impeccable professionalism and thorough follow through. I dread having to work with other event managers, as they all pale in comparison. If you have any specific questions regarding Bryan, please do not hesitate to contact me, though I assure you, whatever you would ask, you will only get glowing feedback from me, as my interaction with him has always and only been extremely positive. Warmest regards, Theodora E. von Hohenstaufen Noll Client Services Manager Virginia Economic Development Partnership International Trade
  4. 4. To Whom It May Concern, It is with great privilege I write to you in recommendation of Bryan Parks. I have worked with Bryan for the past few years on our events. I have found him to be a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. He has been one of the best event planners we have ever worked with. Bryan is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even our most demanding challenges. While his on the job performance has been nothing less than stellar, Bryan also became a friend. He has a generous spirit and is a loyal, positive individual. On site he has been our "go-to" guy. In working with him on our event I have noticed people continually turn to him. He has a very strong work ethic and has helped us perfect our events. Im sure he has achieved a number of successes in his career. That's a quality I've always admired. For all these reasons, I would highly recommend Bryan Parks for the Senior Event Planners Position. Best Regards, Lisa Bartolotti ADI Marketing Manager
  5. 5. February 3, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: Over the past three years I have come to know Bryan both as a professional Event Planner at the Downtown Richmond Marriott and as a personal friend. I am a Finance Dir