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  1. 1. M.RAVI KUMAR +601136440258 17, Taman Bunga Ros Sitiawan-32000 Perak Malaysia CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking an innovative and challenging career in Design and Development to utilize my skills and abilities in the piping Industry with an opportunity for ample growth and professional development, where I can put my best efforts. PROFESIONAL EXPERIENCE: Working as SP3D Piping designer in Sapura kencana Petroleum -Malaysia, from 26-Feb-2014 To till date Working on generating P&IDs, building 3D CAD models of oil refineries and extracting piping Isometrics by using SP3D and SP P&ID software Team Member with good communication and inter personal skills along with Analytical and Troubleshooting ability with a passion to learn and upgrade skills . Can take responsibilities with minimal supervision EDUCATION SUMMARY: Graduate in mechanical engineering from institution of mechanical engineers India (Mumbai) in December 2003 Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. WORKING EXPERIENCE: Worked as process designer in PL ENGINEERING , Gurgaon from Oct-2013 to January 2014 (on contract basis for 3 months) Worked as Process designer in Kellogg Brown and Root engineering(KBR) Gurgaon,Haryana India, from 10-Sep-2012 to 07-Sep-2013(on deputation, through oil tech engineering India Pvt Ltd) Worked as Sr Engineer Level-2 in ROLTA INDIA Limited, Mumbai from Mar 2008 To July 16, 2012 Total comes to 6+ years of experience SOFTWARE SKILLS: CAD Softwares : Smart Plant 3D, Smart Plant Review, SP P&ID Ver.2009 Auto Cad 2010, Micro Station J. Operating Systems : Ms-Dos, windows 95/98, XP, 2000, NT Other Packages : Ms Word, Excel, Ms Office Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. PROJECT DETAILS: PROJECT #1 Title : MAA REFINERY MODERNISATION PROJECT (KNPC- KUWAIT) Clients Name : KUWAIT NATIONAL PETROLEUM COMPANY Duration : Mar-2008 to Jun-2010 Project Description : 3D as built Modeling using 3D Laser Scanning data Role : 3D Modeler Inputs for the project : General arrangement drawings (GAD), piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and isometric drawings and finally 3D laser scanning data Responsibilities: Preparation of equipment list, line list. Pipe routing and modeling with reference to point cloud data (laser scan data) using LFM Software. 3D modeling of equipments, pipes and pipe supports Reviewing plant model on Smart Plant Review for clash checking. Hard and soft QC checkups for equipments and piping. Isometric Drawing Generation. Extraction of GAD using Orthogen& Drawing manager. Tools Used: Smart Plant-3D, Smart Plant Review, LFM Server Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. PROJECT #2 Title : PILOT PROJECT ENGINEERING FOR 600MW POWER PLANT Clients Name : BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED PEM, NOIDA (BHEL) Duration : July-2010 to jun-2011. Project Description : 3D Modeling. Inputs: 1.P&ID's with line numbers 2. Piping material specifications 3. Vendor drawings and datasheets for equipment 4. General arrangement drawings showing equipment layout, piping routing and supports 5. Piping support details (Project Standards provided) 6. Commodity Codes for MTO generation. 7. Isometrics. 8. Any other detail drawings necessary for 3D modeling Responsibilities: Pipe routing and modeling by referring the GAD'S, P&Id's and isometric drawings 3D modeling of equipments and structures as per Inputs. GAD and Isometric extraction Generating clash check reports. Hard and soft QC checkups for equipments and piping. Co-ordination with piping and equipment team . Checking and preparation of line list, equipments list and valve list. Tools Used: SP3D, AUTOCAD, SP P&ID Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. PROJECT #3 Title : SHARQ EXPANSION PROJECT Clients Name : EASTERN PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY (SHARQ) Duration : July 2011 to Jan 2012 Project Description : Data correction (SPP&ID data base) and Data conversion of Existing plants P&IDs and Migration to Smart plant P&ID Role : Drafter Responsibilities: Correction of all piping, instruments, instrument loops, equipment, piping component item tag numbers to comply with SHARQ tag numbering specification. Labels that displayed all item tags shall be corrected accordingly to reflect the tag numbers as per SHARQ tag numbering specification. Data conversion of existing Micro station, AutoCAD and scanned CIT/TIFF files into intelligent data centric drawings using SP P&ID Ver.2009. Tools Used: AUTOCAD, SP P&ID Ver.2009 PROJECT #4 Title : ONGC B&S Asset Clients Name : OILAND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION OF INDIA Duration : Jan-2012 to Jun 2012 Project Description : Data correction (SPP&ID data base) and Data conversion of Existing plants P&IDs and Migration to Smart plant P&ID Role : Drafter Responsibilities: On site activities: Re-create/UP-grade as-built existing drawings based on site verification/visual inspection of Equipments, piping Instrumentation system with respect to existing P&ID. Electrical related information/Single Line Diagram/as per the name plate of electrical equipment. Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Off-site activities: Re-creation/UP-gradation of existing P&IDs on the basis of site verified and ONGC approved hardcopy of drawings Digitization of P&I diagram to intelligent format on the basis of available P&ID (AutoCAD/hard copy) Tools Used: MICROSTATION, SP P&ID Ver.2009 PROJECT #5 Title : DATA EDITING AND CONVERSION PROJECTS Clients Name : KELLOG BROWN AND ROOT ENGINEERING (KBR) Duration : 10-Sep-2012 to 07-Sep-2013 Project Description : Data correction (SPP&ID data base) and Data conversion of Existing plants P&IDs and Migration to Smart plant P&ID Role : PROCESS DESIGNER Responsibilities: Development of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) as per hard copy mark ups given by Process Engineer. Drafting all existing Micro station, Auto CAD and scanned file P&I Diagrams into intelligent data drawings using SPPID. Updated attributes of Pipeline and Piping component as per input. All dump component & labels, converted into intelligent data. Resolving all inconsistencies. Placing segment breaks wherever necessary. Placing missing features as per input drawing. Tools Used: MICROSTATION, AUTOCAD, SP P&ID Ver.2009 Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. PROJECT #6 Title : WHEAT STONE LNG PLANT MODULE Clients Name : BECHTEL Duration : 01-Mar-2014 to till date Project Description : 3D Modelling of piping and equipments as per the isometric Drawings provided by the Bechtel and 3D Model review in SPR Role : SP3D PIPING DESIGNER PERSONAL PROFILE: Father name : M.KondalaRao Permanent address : 5-1-3, Gudelaramula Streeet, chittinagar,Vijayawada-9,Andhra Pradesh Date of birth : 20-7-1976. Languages known : English, Hindi &Telugu. DECLARATION: I hereby declare that all the above information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place: SITIAWAN,MALAYSIA Date : 6-05-2015 RAVI MALLAMPATI Page 7 of 7