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<p>Qualifind Resume</p> <p>Ericka Saldivar Reynosa, Tamaulipas; MexicoSUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS 18 years in Maquiladora Industry, 10 years in Purchasing, Procurement and Sourcing Management Positions Experience in Negotiations, Supplier Development, Purchasing, Sourcing and Procurement processes. Commodities: Metal, Paint, Injection Molding, Glass, Liner, Packaging, PC Boards and Electronics, General Hardware and Consumables. Result oriented and strategic leader Hands-on approach Team player, coach/ mentor Industrial Engineer </p> <p> APICS training and Negotiations technical proficiency. </p> <p> Bilingual Spanish and English (95%). </p> <p>PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEHamilton Scientific Reynosa Tamaulipas; Mxico.This company was dedicated to build medical and laboratory furniture. With 700-1000 employees and 80MD sales. Steel Metal Division; in Reynosa Tamaulipas; Mexico; Case Work, Systems and Fume Hoods For Medical and Educational markets worlwide.</p> <p>Procurement Manager: June 12 Mar 15Key Responsibilities: Lead and Coach Purchasing Department, active member of Reynosas Staff, reporting to the Operations VP located in Austin, Tx USA. and Reynosa, Mex. Plan and Coordinate the top ten commodities, understand and evaluate, which one required all my attention due to the risk for production and cost impact; implement and execute a plan to improve and fix any possible problem to have a constant material flow with the best deal.</p> <p> Be responsible of annual Raw Material Costing Update. Key tasks (Purchasing, Sourcing, Supplier Development and Re-Source as needed) 20 MD/Yr.Key Achievements: Metal Transformation commodity Outsource and Glass commodity outsource, both successfully accomplished. 30% cost reduction by re-sourcing Glass commodity plus freight elimination, saving $300K/Yr . Leading 10 employees: 3 commodity buyers (Metal &amp; Paint), (Glass &amp; Chinese Supplier Base) &amp; (Valves &amp; Liner), 3 buyer planners, 1 Jr. MRO Buyer, 1 MRO Buyer, MRO Buyer Assistant, Supplier Development Engineer. The Glass commodity Re-source was a challenge, there were at least 6 suppliers visited, sampling and RFQ processes were performed, also suppliers were requested to be certified by ANSI, as per our customer request and needs, at the end we had an excellent re-source and a qualified supplier exceeding our expectations. As a part of the Staff I had to present departmental metrics every week and provide comments and ideas to other departments in order to improve as a team also receive critics and provide responses as needed or demanded by the team, always in a very positive environment.Sourcing Manager: May 11 May 12Key Responsibilities: Reporting to the Procurement Manager, located in Wisconsin, USA. Key tasks (Purchasing, Sourcing, Supplier Development and Re-Source as needed) 20 MD/Yr.</p> <p>In this period the most important was to relocate the Purchasing activity from Wisconsin to Reynosa, hiring employees and sending them for training to WI.</p> <p>Outsource metal transformation </p> <p>Key Achievements: The metal transformation outsource due to the high sales and the limited capacity, I evaluated Mexican and American Suppliers, and split the job to be effective. With the outsource the packaging was recyclable, daily deliveries and excellent price, Due to this effort we were able to ship on time to our customers. Reynosa sourcing team was four-five members and growing, coached my myself and been trained in their commodities also by video conference. Due to the need to keep training new Reynosa team, we share activities with the WI team to be effective and work a team, with the RFQs, Ordering, Supplier calls, Expedites, System Update, supplier payments, etc.Celestica Reynosa, Tamaulipas; Mexico.</p> <p>This company was dedicated to repair Blackberry, HTCs cellular phone for, US and LATAM, With 1000 employees and 60MD in sales, located in Reynosa, Tamaulipas; Mexico. Purchasing Leader: Aug 09 May 11Key Responsibilities: Reporting to the local SCM Prepare and present to staff departmental metrics, Airfreight, Shortages, Obsolete &amp; Eng Changes. Request material as needed for production to the Purchasing team at corporate. Key Achievements: Attend Customer (RIM) communication calls, to pull material or inform about shortages.</p> <p> Prepare Clear to build report for customer it was essential part of the production program.</p> <p> Locate and implement packaging suppliers with the proper kanban programs.Tally Genicom Reynosa, Tamaulipas; MexicoThis company was dedicated to manufacture laser, matrix and serial printers for commercial and government industries worldwide. With 1000 employee and 40MD in sales, located in Reynosa, Tamaulipas; Mexico. Sourcing Manager: October 06 July 09Key Responsibilities: Reporting to the Sourcing Director located in Philadelphia and in dotted line to the Operations VP and I was an active staff member My main activities were plan and coordinate all the sourcing activity as well as execute any possible required Resource or Source needed.Key Achievements: Re-source all the metal from a Monterrey Supplier with capacity problems for our production program high level and split the load in two excellent suppliers one in Matamoros Mex. And the other in Mission Texas, been successful. That resource help us to close 2008 at the 100% our PVS Plan. I had no people reporting to me during this period, I had all the support needed from the QA and Eng. Departments when required for suppliers evaluations audits and approvals. Normally all the supplier provided quotes, samples, and plans once the best option was chosen, normally we implemented that supplier and Purchasing Department was able to purchase from them once it was indicated. Usually as soon as the Purchasing Department asked for my attention and help with a supplier, due to a lack of supply due to capacity, tooling breakage or any other issue, it was my responsibility to investigate and fix the source immediately to avoid any issue with the material source.Purchasing Manager: January 04 October 06 Key Responsibilities: Reporting directly to the Operations VP and been active staff member Be responsible to lead and coach Reynosa Purchasing DepartmentKey Achievements: Present weekly metrics in the performance meeting as supplier OTD, Shortages, Obsolete. Keep supplier relations in excellent conditions Having around the employees Buyers and MRO personnel. PCBs, Resin and Outsource Kan-bans were implemented and working properly Shortages Meeting with planning department were done in a team environment to resolve or expedite material needs.Whirlpool Reynosa, Tamaulipas; MexicoBuyer Planner: January 02 October 04 LG Electronics Reynosa, Tamaulipas; MexicoBuyer Planner: January 00 October 02 Lucent Technologies Reynosa, Tamaulipas; Mexico</p> <p>Buyer Planner: January 98 October 00Panasonic Reynosa, Tamaulipas; MexicoStock Room Clerk: January 97 October 98 EDUCATIONB.S. Industrial Engineering (1997)Universidad del Atlantico UDA, Reynosa City, MxicoEnglish Lenguaje</p> <p>The University of Texas-Pan American UTPA (1998) Additional professional development includes: Practical Process Improvement By Graciella Corolli Fisher Hamilton 2011</p> <p> Facilitator and Process Champion By Graciella Corolli Fisher Hamilton 2012 How to take directive decisions Tecnologico de Monterrey 2014</p> <p> Stress management and decision making by CEYDH Capacitacion Empresarial y Desarrollo Humano-2008</p> <p> Effective Leader Tally - 2008</p> <p> Vendor Management and furnished By Bill Dunkerley at Tally 2008 APICS training 2008 Team Building By SCALA consultores 2005</p> <p> KAIZEN training at Tally -2004</p> <p> DMAIC methodology at Tally 2004</p> <p> CITs Customer order fulfillment at Tally Genicom 2004</p> <p> Geometric Dimensions and Drawings interpretation at Tally 2004</p> <p> 5s training- LG Electronics 2001 APQP by SINTEMEX Total Quality Control Center- 1998 </p> <p> QS-9000 by SINTEMEX Total Quality Control Center- 1998 </p> <p> Human Talent Utilization Lucent Technologies 1999 Japanese language sessions Panasonic 1997AFFILITATIONS &amp; HONORSMember Procurement Professionals #1 Chain and Sourcing Group Linkedin</p>