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  • 1. Results-DrivenInnovationKiltie Tompkins9 April, 2013
  • 2. 2Questions I hope to answer today What McGraw-Hill Education products arefaculty using on my campus? How do these products interact withBlackboard Learn? Why is this important to me? How do I get started?
  • 3. 3Problems we wanted to solveInability to control,edit and customizepublisher content
  • 4. 4Blackboard and McGraw-Hillpartnered to deliver the firstintegrated course solutionMakes McGraw-Hill ConnectTM, Create, and Simnet content accessibledirectly inside Blackboard Learn
  • 5. 5What are McGraw-Hills DigitalProducts? LearnSmartTM, a powerful adaptive learning system; TegrityTM, a lecture-capture tool; Library of media-rich eBooks.McGraw-Hill Connect: A leading online assignment tool andassessment engine offering innovative, digital features including:
  • 6. 6What are theMcGraw-Hill Digital Products?McGraw-Hill Create: a custom publishing tool, provides simple wayfor instructors to customize their course materials and easily pull togetherdifferent sources to create textbooks and eBooks tailored to their courseand syllabus.
  • 7. 7SimNet for Office: An online training and assessmentprogram within a virtual Microsoft Office environment that provides robustsimulation, in-depth question sets and multiple scenarios to ensure studentsmaster learning objectives.What are theMcGraw-Hill Digital Products?
  • 8. 8Whats in it for you?The best of both worlds Endless resources:Dynamic, rich-media content& tools that is customizable Leads to: Better studentEngagement Easy to use: Native Bbworkflow Leads to: Instructor andstudent efficiency Gradebook integration Single sign-on Leads to: Efficiency +student engagement
  • 9. 9Tried and TrueHaving a McGraw Hill integration with Blackboard has been a gamechanger for sure. The single sign on and grade book synch savestime and reduces student frustration. It has increased studentparticipation and engagement and has allowed us to receivefeedback on the progress of each student immediately, and providesonline test proctoring that was not available to us before. Its a win-win for both students and us as instructors! Cameron Harmon &Kathy Chavis, Fayetteville Technical Community College Almost 1 million Connect users across700 schools with the Building Block Access to more than 4,000 Connectand Learn Smart titles via Blackboard Current version (2.1) is the thirditeration, updated based on userfeedback
  • 10. 10Instructor TestimonialsThe integration of Blackboard and Connect is itallows me to set up the course and students accessto the resources they need. An important feature isthe gradebook synchronization : students do theirassignments and the grades are automatically putinto Blackboard. I as the professor dont have toupload grades. Liz Wilson, Marketing ProfessorI teach at least 3online courses (alongwith live ones) persemester and this islike hitting the jackpotfor me.A students are going to makeAs regardless of what is asked(or not asked) of them. TheConnect and LearnSmartassignments force all of thestudents to study in a variety ofways which evidentlyimproves their understanding. -Sharon Feaster, BiologyInstructor
  • 11. 11Student TestimonialsThe one-click access to myassignments saved me timebecause I use Blackboard for myother assignments. HavingConnect integrated into the serviceI already use daily was a huge timesaver.It made doing assignments 10 timeseasier and overall reduced time.I was able to put more focuson my studies rather thanexerting all my time andenergy towards the accessprocess alone.I didnt have to leave the Blackboardsite, go to other websites, login with adifferent name. And, the bonus wasthat it immediately posted my gradesfor my work to Blackboard, unlikeother courses where I had to wait forthe teacher to post them toBlackboard.
  • 12. The Instructor Experience:Building a Course
  • 13. 25Whats in it for you?The best of both worlds Dynamic, rich-mediacontent & tools Student Engagement Native Bb workflow Instructor efficiency Gradebook integration Single sign-on Instructor efficiency +student engagement
  • 14. 26How can I access the integration? The integration is free for you and yourinstitution to begin using. There is no additional cost to students to usethe integration if they already use Connect. An IT system administrator needs to turn onthe integration inside of Blackboard Learn Let me know if youre interested and I canassist!
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