restaurant industry sustainability change the way you buy & sell food

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Restaurant Industry SustainabilityChange the way you buy & sell food

What does Sustainability Mean? sustainable food worldWe within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment.create an economic system that provides for quality of life.renew resources equal to or greater than the rate at which we consume.

How well do you knowSustainability?See sustainable worksheetSustainable Food PracticesFarms produce crops and raise animals without relying on toxic aids. Support local products and pay fair wages.Treat animals with care & respect, protect animals' health & wellbeing.Place careful, responsible management of livestock waste while protecting humans from exposure to hazardous pollutants.PurchaserConsiderations3 Categories: People/Planet/Profit

FOOD WASTE: organic residues generated by processing, handling, storage, sale, preparation, cooking, & serving of foodsPesticides Use & Organic Labeling: Organics regulations prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides and require all organic items qualify for the label when they contain at least 95%

Hospitality Industry Sustainable Issues

Other Issues: Animals & AntibioticsDairy Farming IndustryPoultry IndustryExtra CreditSummarize an article related to a sustainable topic: Corporate ResponsibilityFood Industry WasteIndustrial AgriculturePesticides/OrganicsAnimal Welfare/Use of AntibioticsDairy or Poultry Farming IndustryCommercial Fishing Practices

4pts each will be counted toward your final project.Find an article and summarize in your own words.Must be MLA sourced, use www.citationmachine.netOne article can be submitted each week that relates to class topic.Food Seasonality

Refers to the times of year when a given type food is at its peak, either in terms of harvest or its flavor.This is usually the time when the item is the cheapest and the freshest on the market.Seasonal FoodsWhat vegetables are available in the guide that are noted as not in season through out the year? Are there any produce items listed in the season that are notes as not in season? Name 2 produce items in peak availability.What fruits are available in the guide that are notes as not in season through out the year? What available but not in season fruits? Name 2 fruit items in peak availability.

Procure LocalRecycle Grow Your OwnFiltered WaterBio FuelGreen Cleaning/HeatingDevote to CommunityEnergy EfficientEducate your Staff

How Chefs .Use MathExecutive Chefs and Head Cooks

coordinate the work of the kitchen staff & direct the preparation of mealsestimating food requirements, determine serving sizes, plan menus, order food suppliesoversee kitchen operations to ensure uniform quality and presentation of meals

Calculate recipes to a specific quantity

Varied Menus/Equipment/Services/Events/Create ForecastsTrack food supplies Ordering/Receiving/StorageMaintain /Create Inventory ControlsCalculate food & Labor CostDetermine Recipe Cost/Labor, Create Menu Prices, & Cost Inventory & Understand Food Yields

I just cant do mathIm not good at math I not a lecture person, I am better in a lab setting.

I can do thisWith help, this class isnt going to be a problemNegative Self Talk vs. Positive Talk Math is a skill: Increase Your Abilities

The math you know will only better your career.Practice similar math problems to increase knowledge.Understand why it is right.Redo incorrect work until you get it right.If you still cant get it right, come see me.Math Can Be Approachable!

Learning as an adult can be a totally different experience.Learning is about making mistakes, taking risks and getting outside your comfort zone.There are many ways to solve math problems.Support each other, accept different learning styles.I really understood this ideaI have few questions aboutbefore I can say I understandI dont even know where to start on

Label Your Emotions

Increase your Math Confidence #1

A Coffee Shop has 49 Salmon filets in the freezer. There are 27 filets in the primary refrigerator and 38 more in the auxiliary refrigerator. How many Salmon filets does the Coffee Shop have on hand?On hand: (slang) means to current physical count of inventory supplies found in storage.27 + 38 + 49 = 114 on hand Increase your Math Confidence #2

You have 325 chocolates. 60% of them are filled with caramel. The remaining are filled with fruit de crme. How many chocolates are filled with fruit de crme? (multiply) 325 x 60% = ?325 x .60 = 195 w/ caramel325 195 = 130 w/ fruit de crme

Increase your Math Confidence #3A restaurant receives an order of 255 lbs of golden delicious apples. If a box holds 15 lbs of apples, how many boxes did the restaurant receive?(divide) 255 apples / 15 lb box= ?255/ 15 = 17 boxes

Increase your Math Confidence #4A Sous Chef earns $22.50 an hour. She worked 10 hours on Wednesday. How much did she earn that day?(multiply) $22.50 x 10 = ?$22.50 x 10 = $225.00

Student Success SessionAcademic assistance offered voluntarily after class on scheduled days.Practice learned techniquesIncrease study skillsAdditional instructor assistanceCollaborate & Organize Offered: Week 2, 5 & 8