respiratory medicine celebrates its 100th birthday!

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  • Respiratory Medicine (2006) 100, 1


    Respiratory Medicine celebrates its 100th birthday!

    I am delighted to introduce you to this, the firstissue of the 100th volume of Respiratory Medicine.Since the publication of the first volume in January1907, the journal has mirrored the development ofrespiratory medicine research. Today, as a clinically

    and on-line, and accessed by thousands of indivi-

    users will enjoy browsing historical research on theirspecialist areas. The back-archive will be officiallylaunched on ScienceDirectTM on 1st February 2006.Finally, while we celebrate the achievements of

    the journal hereto, and give particular thanks to

    so much to shape the journals success, we are

    ARTICLE IN PRESS0954-6111/$ - see front matter & 2005 Published by Elsevier Ltd.doi:10.1016/j.rmed.2005.11.006Medicine has grown into one of the leadingindependent respiratory periodicals worldwide.To celebrate publication of the 100th volume, we

    will publish through 2006 a series of speciallycommissioned pieces reflecting on advances indiagnosis and treatment of key respiratory condi-tions since the beginning of the 20th century. Thereare fascinating stories to tell, and we hope you willenjoy reading them.Secondly, we are delighted to announce that the

    entire back-archive of content published sincevolume 1 issue 1 has been digitised and will shortlybe launched at Respiratory Medicines on-line con-tent repository, This valu-able resource highlights the breadth and sheervolume of content published and we trust entitledcommitted to doing ever more to improve theservice to our subscribers, readers, authors andreviewers. As one example of this, we will shortlybe launching our Author Charter, our commitmentto authors submitting to the journal on what theycan expect during all aspects of the process. Withthe aim of transparency, we will share otherinitiatives with you as these are finalised.As we look forward to the next 100 volumes, on

    behalf of the editorial board I would like to thankyou sincerely for your ongoing support of thejournal.

    Editor-in-ChiefLeif Bjermer

    E-mail address: across the globe every month, Respiratory looking to the future. In particular, we areoriented international journal published in print the authors, editors and reviewers who have done

    Respiratory Medicine celebrates its 100th birthday!