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  • 7/27/2019 Resources for mathematics competitions - AoPSWiki.pdf


    Resources for mathematics competitions

    The Art of Problem Solvinghosts this AoPSWikiaswell as many other online resources for students

    interested in mathematics competitions. Look around the AoPSWiki. Individual articles often have sample

    problems and solutions for many levels of problem solvers. Many also have links to books, websites, and

    other resources relevant to the topic.

    Math booksMathematics forums

    Mathematics websites


    1 Math competition classes

    2 Math competition problems2.1Problem books

    2.2 Problems online2.2.1 Introductory Problem Solvers

    2.2.2 Intermediate Problem Solvers

    2.2.3 Olympiad Problem Solvers

    3 Articles

    4 A Huge List of Links4.1 AoPS Course Recommendations

    4.2AMC 8 Preparation4.2.1 Problems

    4.3 AMC 10/12 Preparation4.3.1 Problems

    4.4AIME Preparation4.4.1 Problems

    4.5 Beginning Olympiad Preparation4.5.1 Bunch of General links

    4.5.2 Problems

    4.6Middle/Advanced Olympiad Preparation4.6.1 Problems

    4.7 Book Links:4.7.1 Olympiad Level Free Not Free

    4.8 Problem Sets

    5 See also

    Math competition classes

    Art of Problem Solvinghosts classesthat are popular among many of the highest performing students in

    the United States. AoPS Problem Series .

    EPGYhosts classes for AMCstudents.

    Math competition problems

    Problem books

    Many mathematics competitions sell books of past competitions and solutions. These books can be

    great supplementary material for avid students of mathematics.

    ARMLhas four problem books covering most ARML as we ll as some NYSMLcompetitions. However, they

    are generally difficult to find. Some can be ordered here .

    MOEMSbooks are available here at AoPS.
  • 7/27/2019 Resources for mathematics competitions - AoPSWiki.pdf


    MathCountsbooks are available here at AoPS.

    AMCbooks are available here at AoPS.

    Mandelbrot Competitionbooks are available here at AoPS.

    Putnam Competitionbooks are available here at AoPS.

    Problems online

    Art of Problem Solvingmaintains a very large database of math contest problems . Many math contest

    websites include archives of past problems. The List of mathematics competitionsleads to links for many

    of these competition homepages. Here are a few exmaples:

    Introductory Problem Solvers

    Mu Alpha hosts past contest problems .

    Noetic Learning Challenge Math - Problem Solving for the Gifted Elementary Students .

    Elias Saab's MathCountsDrills page .

    Alabama Statewide High School Mathematics Contesthomepage .

    The South African Mathematics Olympiadhere includes many years of past problems with solutions. - Beestar weekly problem solving tests for grade 1 - 8

    Intermediate Problem Solvers

    AoPSmath contest problems and solutions

    Past USAMTSproblems can be found at the USAMTS homepage .

    The Kalva site is one of the best resources for math problems on the planet.

    Past Colorado Mathematical Olympiad(CMO) problems can be found at the CMO homepage .

    Past International Mathematical Talent Search(IMTS) problems can be found here

    MathProb is a website that presents problems and solutions based by categories and is run

    by Anirudh.Brilliant is a website where one can solve problems to gain points and go


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