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Welcome to the Robinson Library: Music PG

Lucy Keating, Liaison Librarian

Can I borrow a music score?I need a couple of academic articles about The Beastie BoysWhere can I listen to music in the Library?I need to read a book published in the 17th century. Are there any other local libraries with good music collections?The book I want is out on loan. What can I do?Is there a quick way to find other people on Twitter who play the same instrument as me?How do I find books on my reading list?Do you have medieval music manuscripts in the library?Whats the best starting place for researching English folk music?I want to listen to music from India. Where to start?Where can I find statistics about the economic impact of music festivals?I want to use the sound of a helicopter in my composition


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90% of all digital information was created in the last two years (Big Data talk)5% of worlds archives have been digitisedMore online content is created every two days than in the whole of human history prior to 20038,195 tweets per second90% of articles are never cited, allegedly million academic articles published every yearEstimated 50 million journal articles in existence in 2010 books published every hour in the UK in 2014 We have over 300 specialist databasesWe bought over 1,000 BoT last yearThere are around 6,900 active languages in the worldSearch 90 library catalogues via COPAC? Grey literature



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