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  • 1. Jyotiprakash LenkaDept. of Electrical &Electronics EngineeringRegd No-10212880154/13/2013 1

2. Introduction Classification Conclusion Reference 4/13/2013 2 3. Resonant inverters are electrical inverter basedon resonant current oscillation. It is known as DC toDC Converter or Dc to Ac PWM inverter. Main function is to reduce switching losses of thedevices(MOSFET&IGBT). 4/13/20133 4. The Resonant Converter broadly Classified into Eight types. Those are:-1.Series Resonant inverter2.Parallel Resonant inverter3.Class E Resonant Converter4.Class E Resonant Rectifier5.Zero Voltage Switching(ZVS) Resonant Converter6.Zero Current Switching(ZCS) Resonant Converter7.Two Quadrant ZVS Resonant Converter8.Resonant dc-link inverter 4/13/2013 4 5. It is Based on resonant current oscillation. Switching device are placed in series with Load. Thyristor are work in switching device. This type of inverter produces an approximatelysinusoidal wave form at a high Frequency ,rangingfrom 200Hz to 100KHz.4/13/2013 5 6. Circuit dig. of series Resonant ConverterEquivalent circuit dig.Waveform 4/13/2013 6 7. Parallel Resonant inverter is dual of series resonantinverter Current is continuously controlled , that gives bettershort circuit protection under fault condition4/13/20137 8. It has low switching losses , yielding a high efficiencyof more than 95%. Used in low power application & high frequencyelectric lamp. 4/13/2013 8 9. Circuit Dig. of class E Resonant inverter & Wave Form4/13/2013 9 10. Class E Resonant Rectifier is based on the principle ofZero Voltage Switching(ZVS) . The diode turn off at zero voltage. A high frequency diode rectifier suffers fromdisadvantage that is switching losses , harmoniccontent.4/13/2013 10 11. 4/13/2013 11 12. The ZVS Resonant Converter turn on & turn off at zerovoltage. Output voltage control can be achieved by varying thefrequency & operates with constant off time control .4/13/2013 12 13. 4/13/2013 13 14. Zero Current Switching(ZCS) Resonant Converter turnOn & turn off at zero current. This converter can operate at higher range frequencythat is 1MHz to 2Mhz.4/13/201314 15. 4/13/2013 15 16. 4/13/2013 16 17. 4/13/2013 17 18. 4/13/2013 18 19. The DC link inverter is similar to the PWM inverter .4/13/2013 19 20. 4/13/2013 20 21. It is used for high frequency application. ZCS&ZVS becomes popular and they can turn ON&turn OFF at zero voltage&current and also eliminateswitching losses. In dc-link inverters , a resonant circuit is connectedbetween the inverter & DC supply. 4/13/2013 21 22. 1. Muhammad H. Rashid ,Power Electronics ,Pearson publication,5th Edition, Ch-8, pg-352 to 4042. P.S. Bimbhra,Power Electronics,Khanna Publication,3rd Edition, Ch -11, pg-572 to 581 4/13/2013 22 23. 4/13/2013 23


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