Resilience does not predict academic performance in gross anatomy

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    Resilience Does Not Predict Academic Performancein Gross Anatomy

    Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo-Omana,* Mara de los Angeles Garca-Rodrguez, Jose Miguel Hinojosa-Amaya,

    Eliud Enrique Villarreal-Silva, Rosa Ivette Guzman Avilan, Juan Jose Bazaldua Cruz, Santos Guzman-Lopez

    Department of Human Anatomy, School of Medicine, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon,Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

    The authors of the article above, Dr. Elizondo-Omanaand colleagues, publish this correction to state that theresilience scale published in the Appendix of their arti-cle (Elizondo-Omana et al., 2010) was modied fromthe original scale published in the journal Depressionand Anxiety, in the article titled, Development of anew resilience scale: the Connor-Davidson ResilienceScale (CD-RISC) by Connor and Davidson (2003). Itshould also be noted that the Connor Davidson Resil-ience Scale was copyrighted in 2001 and 2009 byKathryn Connor and Jonathan Davidson.


    Connor KM, Davidson JR. 2003. Development of new resiliencescale: The Connor-Davidson resilience scale (CD-RISC). DepressAnxiety 18:7682.Elizondo-Omana RE, Garca-Rodrguez M de L, Hinojosa-AmayaJM, Villarreal-Silva EE, Avilan RIG, Cruz JJB, Guzman-Lopez S.2010. Resilience does not predict academic performance in grossanatomy. Anat Sci Educ 3:168173.

    *Correspondence to: Dr. Rodrigo E. Elizondo-Omana, Departamentode Anatoma Humana, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Autonomade Nuevo Leon, Ave. Madero y Dr. Aguirre Pequeno s/n. Col. MitrasCentro. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. C.P.64460.

    Published online in Wiley Online Library ( 10.1002/ase.203

    2011 American Association of Anatomists

    Anat Sci Educ 4:56 (2011) JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 Anatomical Sciences Education


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