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Our Portfolio development sector is designed to help individual investors build well-rounded and profitable real estate portfolios through a combination of yield and capital growth in Americas fastest growing markets.


<ul><li> 1. Welcome to CASA Capital</li></ul> <p> 2. Who we areA Unique Combination of global developmentexperience, economic analysis and technologicalinnovation. The leaders in forward thinkingsolutions for innovative investors, Casa Capitalis changing the face of US Real Estateinvestment. 3. Services ProvidedResidential DevelopmentLarge-Scale Commercial DevelopmentBoutique Commercial DevelopmentResidential Portfolio DevelopmentReal Estate Crowd FundingEB5 Development Projects 4. Residential DevelopmentMulti-million dollar Residential Developmentopportunities sourced in leading US cities. Allopportunities are extremely undervalued andmeet our strict investment criteria. 5. Large-Scale Commercial Developmentwe have a specificcommercial investmentplatform, sourcingundervalued commercialopportunities ornon-performingcommercial assetsin leading US cities 6. Boutique CommercialDevelopmentOur boutique commercial team source specificcommercial developmentsunder $40 million USD 7. Residential Portfolio DevelopmentOur PortfolioDevelopment sectoris designed to helpindividual investorsbuild well-roundedand profitable realestate portfolios. 8. Real Estate Crowd FundingReal Estate Crowd-Funding allows investorsparticipate in a diversified investment portfolioheld under one LLC. 9. EB5 Development ProjectCASA team applies itsRigorous investmentcriteria to individuallysourced EB5developments toreduce risk andincrease profitabilityfor every singleapproved project. 10. Contact UsAddress : 1160 Mission St San Francisco,CA 94105Phone : 415 400 6304Email : casacapitalgroups@gmail.comWebsite : </p>


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