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    Hufham/Farris Maintenance is a division of Hufham/Farris Construction, LLC.

    For 13 years, Hufham/Farris Construction has built a reputation for trustworthy

    general contracting by building custom homes and commercial properties

    that meet the needs of their clients.

    Hufham/Farris Maintenance takes a proactive approach to taking care of

    your residence, commercial building, or vacation home. We will complete

    a thorough survey of your property and customize a program that fulfills

    the specific needs to keep your property in the best possible condition.


    Hufham/Farris Maintenance offers three

    Preventative Maintenance Programs to satisfy your individual needs:

    Monthly Quarterly Bi-Annual

    After the completion of our initial survey of your property,

    we will propose a customized service plan.

    Examples of typical services performed:

    Inspect exterior paint and caulk

    Clean bath fans and dryer vent

    Clean gutters

    Seasonal weather stripping check

    Roof inspections

    Pool maintenance & service

    Water heater flush

    Lawn & landscaping services

    Generator service

    Check for visible water leaks

    Change light bulbs

    Check fire extinguisher levels

    Change HVAC filters

    Check door hardware functions

    HVAC Bi-annual service

    Test GFCIs

    Smoke detector check

    Clean chimney flues


    Your property will be assigned a personal property manager who can be

    reached at anytime to handle any issue. Our managers are trustworthy,

    knowledgeable individuals who have been trained to care

    for your property as if it were their own.

    Your property manager will be your primary contact for all of

    the maintenance needs for your property.


    Hufham/Farris Maintenance understands the necessity of trustworthy

    communication and dependable scheduling. Hufham/Farris Maintenance

    does the following to ensure excellent communication while

    taking care of your property:

    Hufham/Farris Maintenance can be reached 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week.

    Property Managers can be reached by cell, text, or email at anytime.

    Each owner will have a personal service calendar on our website.

    Owners receive an email appointment announcement when services are scheduled and a reminder one hour before services are rendered.


    Hufham/Farris Maintenance is available at your request. We are able to

    handle small repair and maintenance items, or complete renovation and

    additions through our parent company, Hufham/Farris Construction.


    Personalized “Owner’s Page” on our website accessed through

    a secure portal that will include: Appointment calendar with all scheduled services

    Special project requests

    Maintenance logs of all past inspections/services

    “How-To” videos specific to your property (as requested)

    Appliance documentation records

    Each Property will have an “Owner’s Shelf” in our warehouse.

    Each shelf will have extras of all of the necessities for your property

    (light bulbs, water filters, etc.).

    A complete property documentation file will be stored in our office.

    We will maintain up-to-date important information about your property,

    such as paint colors and appliance serial numbers.

    All high-risk security information will be stored in a fire proof safe at our

    office and none of this information will ever be accessible on line.

    If you have any questions or need further information please contact

    STEVE JONES 205.233.3796 | [email protected]