Reshaping spaces to 21st century learning environments

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Reshaping spaces to 21st century learning environments Teacher Training School & Musica Learning Hub -cases from Jyvskyl NUAS CONFERENCE 2014 Anette Lundstrm & Emma Kostiainen Aim: Transforming traditional science classroom to 21st century learning space Focus: Can we enhance learning through co-designing learning spaces? Methods: Co-design (students, teachers, student teachers, researchers, school administrative), video analysis (use of the space) Teacher Training School Process since spring 2012: defining goals with school directors visual art course for students workshops with teachers feedback from students and teachers handing over feedback to designers implementation evaluation of the new space Encouraging results Students felt that their wishes were heard during the design process and in the final design Video analysis and student survey indicate that the new learning space has: 1) increased the amount of collaborative work both in pair and group work from 10 % to 25 % 2) diversified teaching methods Musica Learning Hub Aim: Transforming university caf-restaurant to 24/7 learning space Focus: How to transform public caf to versatile learning hub for the campus community (students, teachers, researchers etc.)? Methods: Co-design (students, teachers, researchers, architect, designers, representatives of other user groups) Musica Learning Hub Process: Charrette (drawing, innovating, building pop-up spaces, molding miniature space) Implemantation: In the end of September Evaluation: Feedback from the users will be collected Contact: Agora Center: mailto:emma.kostiainen@jyu.fimailto:emma.kostiainen@jyu.fimailto:anette.lundstrom@jyu.fi