reservoir simulation software “westfield sub-basin”

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Reservoir Simulation Software “Westfield Sub-basin”. Presenter – John Hickey, HEC August 2010. HEC- ResSim. Simulate the influence of reservoirs and diversions on flows in a river system. Decisions about reservoir releases are made in accordance with user-defined rules. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


NFIP Levee System Evaluation Levee Certification

Reservoir Simulation SoftwareWestfield Sub-basinPresenter John Hickey, HECAugust 2010

US Army Corps of EngineersBUILDING STRONG1HEC-ResSimSimulate the influence of reservoirs and diversions on flows in a river system.Decisions about reservoir releases are made in accordance with user-defined rules.

BUILDING STRONGConnecticut River Basin44 Sub-basins60+ Large Reservoirs143 Ecological points of interest320+ SYE inflow hydrographs362 River Reaches

BUILDING STRONGWestfield Subbasin - Case StudyMulti-purpose operations (flood management, hydropower, water supply)Varied ecological concerns (floodplains, salmon stocking, diadromous fish)

AlsoAvailability of hydrologic dataOne of first subbasins to have working simulation and optimization modelsBUILDING STRONGReservoirs on the WestfieldThe Westfield consists of three major dams essentially running in parallel.KnightvilleLittlevilleCobble Mountain/Borden BrookFlood management, hydropower, and water supply objectives are prevalent within the sub basinKnightville Flood ManagementLittleville Flood ManagementCobble Mountain/Borden Brook Hydropower and water supply

BUILDING STRONGPhysical Information for Model

Physical Components:Reservoir PoolDam (and its Outlets)Diverted OutletsHierarchical Outlet StructureMultiple outlet typesDiverted OutletsHydropower OutletsCapacityEfficiencyBUILDING STRONGOperational Rule Blocks

Priority based Rules at the DamRules for downstream locationsRules on individual outletsRules for other locationsVarious types of rulesMin/Max releaseRate of ChangeDownstream ControlHydropowerScriptingBUILDING STRONGAt Site Operations

Knightville Dam: max flood release of 4,500-cfs.Littleville Dam: max flood release of 1,500-cfs.Borden Brook Mountain Dam: max flood release of 1,675-cfs.Cobble Mountain Dam: max flood release of 1,675-cfs.Knightville and Littleville Dam have minimum flows that are a function of season and reservoir inflow.BUILDING STRONGSystem Operations within Tributary

When two or more reservoirs operate for one site, ResSim uses a system operation that balances storage in the pools.Knightville and Littleville operate to control flows at Westfield to not exceed 11,250 cfs.Westfield


System Operations for MainstemHartford

Knightville and Littleville operate to reduce outflows if Hartford experiences high stages.


BUILDING STRONGPurposeResSim will be used to regulate and route hydrographs downstream. Various reservoir management scenarios can be developed by changing rule sets for the involved project(s).Regulated hydrographs for each scenario will be used to assess flow conditions at points of interest. BUILDING STRONG