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Slide 2 RESEARCH PROJECT Chinese language By Zachary Harrington Slide 3 LANGUAGE SURVEY The language I'm telling about is mandarin Chinese. The language is spoken in China, Singapore, and Taiwan. 800 million people speak this language. 380 million people speak English. Slide 4 ORTHOGRAPHIC SYSTEM In Chinese there is no alphabet. There are 80,000 characters though but not all the characters are spoken today. You read the characters left to right. Slide 5 These are some more of the Chinese characters This is the Chinese flag Slide 6 SURVIVAL LANGUAGE Some important words you might want to know when you go to China is hi which is ni hao and another important one is my name is wo Jiao. If your shopping you really might want to know is how much is this which is zhe due Shao qion. One more word is how are you which is ni hao. Finally what is this is which is zhe shi shen me. Slide 7 LANGUAGE FOCUS Some numbers in Chinese from 1 to 10 are 1 =yi 2=er 3=san 4=si 5=wu 6=liu 7=qi 8=ba 9=jiu and 10 =shi. The activity I picked to help other for these numbers is yatzee. Slide 8 This is a picture I found on Google of Chinese water pictures Slide 9 THE END GO CHINESE