Research Discovery, Social Networks and VIVO

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Mike Conlon's keynote at eSoN-12 (


  • 1.Research Discovery, Social Networks andVIVOChicago, October 8, 2012 Michael Conlon, PhDClinical and Translational Science InstituteUniversity of Florida

2. Learned a field, learned thescientific method, did science 3. Research Process 1972HypothesisExperiment Publication 4. Science and Scientists 5. Research Process 2012 CreateAugment VirtualHypothesisData Organi-Systems zationConduct Get Consults Experi- Funded mentsAssembleWritePublish Archive Teamproposalresultsdata 6. Six Trends 7. 1. Rise of the small 8. PubMed new publications per year 2. Increasing volumeof science 9. 3. Increasing complexity of scientific problemsThe Problems Got Hard 10. Data Got Big (IDR Slide)4. Data reuse grows 11. 5. Competition rises 2011 Shanghai ranking of world universities of Competitors 12. 6. Internet disintermediation of science continues 13. How can we knowwhat is going on,build teams,solve data-driven problems? 14. Research Discovery Research Discovery 15. And the connections between them 16. VIVO: Data, Tools andCommunity 17. Simple tools for presentation,traversal, search 18. Ontology Process 19. ScienceMap. Examine collections of publications forindividuals, work groups, institutions 20. Software reads VIVORDF and displays processOrg