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How to send Branded Mailers from Resdex?

IntroducingBranded Mailers in resdex

What are Branded Emails?Branded Emails are a new variant of emails with option to add the client/company Logo in the mailers for a more personalized mail

Branded Emails are currently available in two new themes Style 1 and Style 2 [ Samples]

These will be available for Resdex users basis additional top up subscription. ( currently available for Resdex Quota Based Subscriptions only)

How to send Branded Mailers from Resdex?

Step 1: Execute Search, Select Candidates from Search Result Page and Click on Send Email

Execute SearchSelect Candidates Send Email

Step 2: Enter the details in the Compose Mail Page and click on Preview and Send button

Preview and Send

Enter details

Step 3a: User can change the Theme of the mails from the Mail Preview Page

If user chooses Style as Types of mail sendQuota deduced fromOriginal StyleText Emails without Logo (current emails)Email QuotaStyle 1 Branded Emails with Logo Branded QuotaStyle 2

Please Note: Branded Mailers are only send when user chooses Style 1 or Style 2

Step 3b: User can also change the Logo from the Mail Preview Page

User gets option to attach Logo if Style1 or Style2 is selectedUser can choose from multiple logos associated with the client profile in Naukri SystemIf multiple logos are present, Super-user selects the default.In case no logo is available for client, Naukris logo is used.How to add LOGO(s) in Naukri System?Users can send their logos to [ Logo should be of dimension 130 (width) X 60 (height) ]Once added, Super-users can change the default logo from the Product Setting Page

Style 2 ThemeStyle 1 Theme

Quota Management for Branded Mailers


Sub-user can monitor their own Branded Email Usage and Quota Release from MNR (My Naukri Recruiter) Homepage (same as CV Access and Emails)

Sub-users Branded Email Usage are also available in Database Usage Reports

Account Utilization Widget in MNR

Resdex Database Usage Reports


Super-user can see overall Branded Email Usage related information from the MNR Homepage (same as CV Access and Emails)

Super-user can manage the Branded Email weekly/monthly release from the Manage Quota Page ( same as CV Access and Emails)

Account Utilization Widget in MNR

A. Super-user can Set Overall Weekly/Daily Quota Limits

B. Super-user can Set Sub-user Weekly/Daily Quota Limits

FAQQ1. Can UBR users send Branded Mailers?No. Currently Branded Mailers are available with Resdex Quota Based Subscriptions only.

Q2. If a client has both Email and Branded Email Quota, how does the sub-user choose which one to use?If the sub-user uses Default Theme for sending Emails then Email Quota is deducted. If the sub-user uses any other theme (except Original Style) for sending Emails then Branded Email Quota is deducted

Q3. What happens if the sub-user uses a theme other than Default for sending Emails but does not have enough Branded Email Quota in his/her account?Emails will not be send. Sub-user will get an error message stating that there are not enough quota for performing the action

Thank YouIn case of any issues/comments/suggestions please revert at