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  • Request for Proposals

    On Call

    Right-of-Way Acquisition and

    Appraisal Services

    Requested by:


    Department of Public Works

    307 W. Brighton Avenue

    El Centra, Ca. 92243

    Phone: (760) 337-4505


    Terry Hagen, Director of Public Works/City Engineer

    October 2013


  • Table of Contents

    I. Background 3

    II. Project Description 3

    III. Scope of Work 4

    IV. General Requirements 6

    V. Proposal Content and Information 6

    VI. Selection Criteria 7

    VII. Selection Process 7

    VIII. Responsibilities of City of El Centro 8

    IX. Requested Submittal 8

    X. Sealed Fee Schedule 9

    Appendix A - Sample Proposal Evaluation Form 10

    Appendix B - Sample Agreement for Professional Services 11

    10/13 A13-0409




    I. Background

    The City of El Centro, Department of Public Works, is requesting proposals from

    qualified professionals to provide on-call right-of-way acquisition and appraisal services.

    These services will be on an intermittent basis. In addition to providing general right-of-

    way acquisition services, the Contractor may be required to retain an independent MAI

    (or equivalently credentialed) appraiser to establish the fair market value of the property.

    Qualified entities are invited to submit written proposals for consideration in accordance

    with this request. These services will be conducted under a contract with the City of El

    Centro, hereinafter referred to as "the City." The consultant entity is hereinafter referred

    to as "the Consultant."

    The contract will be regulated according to the provisions of all Federal, State and local

    laws and ordinances that are applicable. This includes compliance with prevailing wage

    rates and their payment in accordance with the California Labor Code.

    II. Project Description

    The Consultant shall provide all necessary right-of-way acquisition and appraisal services

    to the City. It is the intention of the City to select and contract with more than one (1)

    consultant for these services. The selected firm(s) will provide on-call right-of-way

    acquisition services that include but are to limited to those listed Section III, "Scope of

    Work." The City will assign work to any of the firms as is deemed necessary and

    appropriate by the City. No subcontractors shall be utilized without prior authorization

    by City. The term of the contract shall be for three (3) years from Council approval of

    the contract with up to two (2) one (1) year extensions, to be exercised at the sole

    discretion of the City, on an on-call/as needed basis in support of current capital

    improvement, roadway and economic development projects.

    Capital Project Descriptions:

    > Utility easements and right-of-way for forty (40) acre water treatment plant


    > Right-of-way acquisition for locally administered road improvement projects.

    > Land acquisition for new municipal building construction (new library and

    police station are planned).

    > Land acquisition for expansion of municipal facilities.

    Proposed Schedule of Events:

    > Issue Request for Proposal

    > Pre-proposal conference (non-mandatory)

    > Proposal due

    > Consultant selection

    > City of El Centro awards contract

    10/13 A13-0409 3

    December 4, 2013


    January 16,2014



  • > Kick-off meeting 1 -2 weeks

    III. Scope of Work

    This scope of work is to provide on-call right-of-way acquisition and appraisal services to

    the Public Works Department in accordance with all provisions within this RFP. These

    services will be on an intermittent basis. The scope of work includes professional right-

    of-way acquisition and appraisal for developed/undeveloped, vacant and/or unimproved,

    residential and/or commercial properties. The Consultant shall produce appraisal reports

    for full or partial acquisitions, easements, temporary construction easements, leased or

    licensed properties and sale or disposition of excess/surplus properties. Meetings with

    the client may or may not be required at the option of the City and will be determined on

    a case-by-case basis. The selected firm(s) may assist the City with various right-of-way

    acquisition and appraisal assignments including but not limited to:

    Task I - Appraisal

    A. The Contractor shall retain an experienced and independent MAI (or

    equivalently credentialed) real property appraiser to prepare and appraisal of

    the fair market value of the property. Payment for the appraisal will be based

    on hourly rates shown in the Contractor's proposal and will be subject to a not

    to exceed provision in the contract. Payment for the appraiser's litigation

    support, if necessary, will be based on hourly rates shown in the Contractor's

    proposal and will be subject to a not to exceed provision in the contract.

    B. Pre-condemnation planning assistance.

    C. Relocation assistance, business reestablishment, replacement housing and

    relocation plan.

    D. Obtain and review property files, title reports and litigation guarantees from

    the company.

    E. If any legal issues exist during the course of the appraisal assignment, the

    appraiser shall request a legal opinion. All legal opinions shall be rendered by

    the City Attorney.

    F. Preparation and review of all necessary legal documents for property


    G. Prepare notices of public hearing for individual property owners regarding

    resolutions of necessity.

    H. Assist the City's staff in preparing staff report for resolution hearing.

    I. Resolution of Necessity preparation and assistance with supporting evidence

    and related documents to establish the City's right to take the property

    necessary for the project (includes attending resolution hearing).

    J. Provide assistance to legal counsel in preparation and filing of all legal

    documents necessary to commence an eminent domain action(s) for the

    required parcel(s).

    K. Provide assistance to legal counsel in obtaining court order(s) for prejudgment

    possession to allow project-related construction activities to commence

    (within thirty (30) to ninety (90) days after commencement of the action).

    10/13 A13-0409

  • L. Provide assistance to legal counsel in defending all challenges to City's right

    to take and/or claims for project blight, severance damage or other legal


    M. Provide assistance to legal counsel necessary to litigate individual cases to

    settlement, final judgment and appeal, if necessary.

    Task 2 - Acquisition:

    A. The Contractor shall prepare grant deeds and temporary easements, prepare

    and submit offers and negotiate right-of-way purchase/sale contracts to

    acquire the property.

    B. The Contractor shall provide litigation support if condemnation of the

    property is necessary. Payment for acquisition services will be based on

    hourly rates shown in the Contractor's proposal and will be subject to a not to

    exceed provision in the contract. Payment for the Contractor's litigation

    support, if necessary, will be based on hourly rates shown in the Contractor's

    proposal and will be not be subject to a not to exceed provision in the contract.

    The Contractor must submit separate cost proposals for each task. The City at its

    sole discretion may award one (1) or both tasks to the Contractor. The Contractor shall

    meet the timelines identified on the progress schedule of the Contractor's proposal. The

    City will provide the Contractor with a final right-of-way map, preliminary title reports

    and property descriptions. The Contractor shall work with the City's legal counsel.

    General Requirements

    The Contractor shall timely submit to the City copies of all correspondence, contracts,

    appraisal and all other reports prepared in connection with the Project.

    The appraisal report must comply with standards established by the Appraisal Institute

    and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

    All project services and deliverables must adhere to current Caltrans requirements for

    project development of improvements on a facility included on the State highway system.

    For projects not on the State highway system, deliverables shall be prepared in

    accordance with applicable local and regional standards, policies and procedures. These

    requirements include adherence to design standards, regulations, policies and procedures

    for all work within State right-of-way at the time of project advertisement. Compliance

    with current Federal Highway Administration requirements is also necessary for all work

    on the interstate system.

    Some projects may be subject to Part 26, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, entitled

    "Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Department of Transportation

    Financial Assistance Programs ("Regulations"). The Regulations and the Caltrans DBE

    program, which has been adopted by the Commission, are incorporated in their entirety

    herein by this reference. Bidders are to be fully informed respecting the DBE

    requirements, the Regulations and the Caltrans DBE program.

    10/13 Al3-0409

  • IV. General Requirements

    Each firm shall meet the following requiremen


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