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Media Studies SIS


  • 1. Analysing TV shows Varieties in music programming and representations

2. X Factor is the programme targeted at theaudience?How are the acts presented?What is the role of Kate Thornton?How is Simon Cowell represented? Why? 3. Britney: Behind the Music is the purpose of this programme?How accurate do you think it is?How is the programme presented? 4. Pimp my Ride is the programme representative ofAmerican culture?To what extent does Xzibit fulfil the stereotypeof a Black American Rapper?What kind of audience does the show target? 5. NME Chart is this programme presented?How are the artists represented?How is this programme audienceorientated? 6. Representations 7. The Objective Over the next few slides, youll see somepictures that you need to analyse in terms oftheir mise-en-sceneYoure looking specifically at how theperformers and presenters are representedSay what you see 8. Michelle McManus 9. Fearne Cotton 10. Snoop Dogg 11. J-Lo 12. Pete Doherty 13. Take That 14. Eminem 15. Steven Tyler


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