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RepresentationAbigail Faponle Group 19

DefinitionMise en sceneCameraLightingEditingRepresentation is the term used to describe aspects of a visual arts that are created by the director/writers point of view on social groups or topic to communicate a certain message using the four technical areas.

In our thrillerThe character that is represented in our thriller opening is a working class, teenage boy.

MaleAlthough him being male is clearly shown. Weve represented this through the way he is presented to the audience. This is shown through his clothing. Males are seen to be quite messy and rough. Weve made sure our main character has looked exactly like this. His costume involves a plaid shirt that is buttoned up wrong and slouchy jeans. His hair also looks quite dirty and messy.

Most killers are male.

In films males are mostly represented as tough and dominant. Cigarettes make people look more tough so weve had him smoking the near the beginning to half way through our opening.

Working ClassYou can tell from the mise en scene (his home) that he is working class. The cracked walls and unpainted surroundings clearly shows that he is not upper class.

His clothing also represent a working class citizen. Hes dressed informally its rough and hes not exactly wearing a tie and suit.

I think weve portrayed him very negative but I believe weve portrayed him how the media would usually.