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  • 1. Understanding of Script Commissioning IG1 Task 2By CharlotteBracken
  • 2. IntroductionIn this report I will show understanding of script commissioning is and also describe in detail of what process a script writer will go through to the development of a script to be forwarded for production using second hand resources such as books, magazines and websites which will contain all the information I will need.
  • 3. Each offer sent to the BBCCommissioning is clearly stated on the BBC for any Commissioning team isscreenwriters wanting a clearer understanding. It automatically and securelyexplains what will happen to an idea which has been logged with a unique reference number for yoursent in to the BBC Commissioning team. The BBC is records following yourstraight forward and gives specific details which submission. e-people will find very helpful. It gives a section on Commissioning enables thewhether a person is eligible to register or not. It is BBC to handle the huge volume of proposals itone of the main places where people can freely send receives faster and morein scripts which can give many people an opportunity effectively so producersto start their career, if they had one in the media submitting proposals to the BBC receive a quickerbusiness. I think the BBC is good for what it does as response (Online)it is one of the worlds largest broadcastingorganisations.
  • 4. ITV today announced three major new drama commissions for 2011, written and created by three of the UKs leading screenwriters Peter Morgan, AnthonyITVs commissions part of the website seems Horowitz and Sallymore complex than the BBCs. It talks about Wainwright (online) ITV Director of Television,three new commissions which have been placed Peter Fincham, said: ITV isin ITV by three of the UKs leading screenwriters increasingly building a reputation for working withPeter Morgan, Anthony Horowitz and Sally the very best writing andWainwright (Online). The ITV doesnt seem to acting talent. These threelook for new talent in the screenwriting yet they new commissions, written by three of the UKs mostseem set on using the very best writing talent. acclaimed screenwriters, joinThis gives no one outside of ITV to show off what an impressive and variedthey have. range of drama for 2011, alongside the likes of The Oaks, Monroe, Kidnap and Ransom, and the return of Primeval. (Online)
  • 5. Channel 4 offers people to a chance to have script We were looking for 12 talented, original andthey have wrote seen to and decide whether it is diverse writers whooriginal and good or its copied another TV series with currently have nothe narrative. This offer is open every year for a broadcast credit but wishlimited time only as they look for a certain amount of to write for television drama (Online)people who have talent of writing original scripts. Thisgives newly formed talented writers a chance to workwith professional writers and develop new skills andthe chance to get in to the industry. Channel 4 in myown opinion has set up a good idea and a greatchance for people who enjoy doing script writing andwhich to get a career out of it. Not many stationswould give this opportunity only a few.
  • 6. Screenwriting can be one of the easiest things in the world, if u have anatural talent for it or an understanding of the structure and layout.Some people need to develop their skills more when writing a script byresearching it within depth to get a more clear understanding. There aremany sources in the world which can help you undertsand more abouthow to script write to professional standards via magazines, websitesand even books which I, myself have also used throughout mypresentation. The development of a script can seem very complicatedas you have to think of a main story line which involves the beginning,middle and end what will hold a plot within. A main protagonist(Character) is also important as most stories evolve around thatcharacter because that single character will be in most scenes and willhave the plot, or story line based around them and their life. It helpsestablish a story which can be more detailed and specific lining up thenarrative for the audience to follow. Some people in the world do notget that successful in script writing where others go on to make TVprograms or soaps which are watched by a whole nation.
  • 7. a story is composed of three sections: a beginning introduces a complication of a characters life, launching the story. The middle section presents developing action, a series of revolutions and discoveries, which drives the story forward. The end resolves the story conflict, often through a reversal of fortune for the main character! (Book)This section of a book resource which I have looked at explains a brief explanationwhich everyone seems to know about stories or screenwriting. If an idea of a storydid not have a beginning, middle or end then there wouldnt be no story so thinkingof the basics is one of the first main things to do. Each of the three main sectionshave to be set with in detail to set the story, getting a better narrative for someonereading the script is a better start as they can base a small image in their mind onwhat the story will most likely look like and predict what will happen to decidewhether its good or not.
  • 8. Developing a character through story provides the quickest way to a narrative spine and therefore, a potential main story. However, developing story through character will provide you with a clear understanding of the characters motivations and, therefore, a potential plot and ultimately a main story. Both routes work and both are regularly used by different writers to arrive are essentially the same position (Book)This quote can give the script writing a main direction on where to go. Having a mainnarrative spine and having the main protagonist put into place and basing the storyaround the character can often help people as its the quickest way to get a story. Agood script which will get looked at should have a main story and a good plot to keepthe reader of the script interested. Clear indications of what is expected of a script isvital as a script needs to be the best it can be.
  • 9. If your script is optioned by a producer where they buy the rights to exploit that property for a set period of time- it will go into development. Here the producer will discuss the script with you and properly give you notes asking you to rewrite or change certain parts to their suggestions (if amicably agreed) or demands (if not). (Book, Page 5)When a script has been chosen, acollaborative process will take place wherea producer will read it a


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