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<ul><li><p>1International Journal of</p><p>HEMATOLOGY</p><p>Editorial</p><p>Renaissance of the International Journal of Hematology</p><p>Yataro Yoshidaa Takashi UchiyamabPast Editor-in-Chief Editor-in-Chief</p><p>aDepartment of Hematology, Takeda General Hospital, Kyoto; bDivision of Hematology and Oncology,Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan</p><p>Int J Hematol. 2002;75:1-2.2002 The Japanese Society of Hematology</p><p>Three years have gone by since the first publication ofthe International Journal of Hematology by the currentpublisher, Carden Jennings Publishing Company, with anew cover, larger format, and new editorial board. We areproud to announce important developments for the Inter-national Journal of Hematology during the last 3 years.First, submissions have steadily increased and the impactfactor has risen to 1.2. All of these changes took placewhile the rate of acceptance remained unchanged.Increased submissions allow us to publish 2 more issuesper year starting in 2002. This should help to furthershorten the time lag from acceptance to actual publica-tion. Second, the International Journal of Hematologyhas been made available on the Internet at We are offering reduced subscription ratesfor online-only access. All in all, the last 3 years havebeen a very successful time for the International Journalof Hematology, which by now has a firm foundation as atruly well-known international periodical that combinesthe science of research with the clinical applications ofgroundbreaking discoveries in hematology around theworld. Indeed, we may well regard these changes as the ren-aissance of this journal.</p><p>The crucial role of a scientific periodical is the promptpublication of articles bearing reliable and original findingsof high scientific importance. The speed with which suchreports are distributed is key to their timely use by a broadreadership. With 10 issues per year and the availability ofonline access, the International Journal of Hematology def-initely continues to fulfill this goal. The use of electroniccapabilities has significantly contributed to more prompthandling of manuscripts, including reviewing and editorialprocessing. In fact, quite a few minireview articles havecome in through e-mail. We anticipate more and more elec-tronic submissions of regular articles. We only urge poten-tial authors to take extra care to send figures and photos ofhigh quality in a reproducible form.</p><p>We owe much of the journals success to the outstandingefforts of our reviewers. The Editors would like to take thisopportunity to thank the members of our Editorial Boardand the hundreds of individuals who have given their pre-cious time to review nearly 250 manuscripts submitted annu-ally. We would especially like to thank the many leadinghematologists who have kindly submitted excellentmini-reviews on a given topic appearing in each issue of theInternational Journal of Hematology in the Progress inHematology series. Most are concisely written, state-of-the-art review articles that are exactly to the point. The authorsefforts to elaborate on and to include the latest findings ineach field in a very limited time are much appreciated, and webelieve that they are the reason for the success of this series.</p><p>Additional changes starting with this volume will be foundin the structure of the International Editorial Board. We aregrateful to many members who have accepted our invitationto remain on the Board.The continuing help of the Americanand European Regional Editors, Drs. Makio Ogawa (Med-ical University of South Carolina, Charleston) and DieterHoelzer (University of Frankfurt, Frankfurt) is very encour-aging. Given the increasing submissions from every corner ofthe world, we have taken several means to reinforce theBoards structure. One such step is the nomination of Dr.Surapol Issaragrisil (Mahidol University, Bangkok) as thesecond Regional Editor in Asia. Upon the resignation of thefirst Regional Editor in Asia, Dr. Yongi Wu (Peking UnionCollege, Beijing), we are happy to welcome Professor DaoPei Lu (Peking University, Beijing), who will function in hisplace. We thank Professor Wu for his contribution during thelast 3 years and note that Professor Lu is hereupon responsi-ble for submissions from the Far East (China, Korea, and Tai-wan). The newly appointed Dr. Surapol Issaragrisil isexpected to receive submissions from the rest of Asia as wellas from the Pacific regions, including Australia and NewZealand. We are glad to welcome the following new mem-bers to the International Editorial Board: Drs. Charles</p></li><li><p>2 Yoshida and Uchiyama / International Journal of Hematology 75 (2002) 1-2</p><p>Abrams (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), TaninIntragumtornchai (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok),Stephen Jane (Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne),Emin Kansu (Hacettepe University, Ankara), Chun-ChooKim (Catholic Medical Center, Seoul), G. J. Ruiz-Arguelles(Lab. Clin. De Puebla, Puebla), and Edward Gordon-Smith(St. Georges Hospital Medical Center, London).</p><p>One of us, Yataro Yoshida, resigns as Editor-in-Chiefupon completion of his term and is pleased to introduce theother, Takashi Uchiyama (Kyoto University, Kyoto), as hissuccessor.We both are taking every measure to maintain thereputation of the International Journal of Hematology, andwill continue to provide our readers with the very best, up-to-date information that modern hematology has to offer.</p></li></ul>