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<ul><li><p>Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontics Lecture (Code: 0181, 1st-year: 4 units, 2nd-year: 2 units) </p><p>Practice (Code: 0182,1st-year: 2units, 2nd-year: 2 units) Lab (Code: 0183, 1st-year: 2 units) </p><p> Instructors: Contact person: Yoshimasa IGARASHI (Chairman and Professor) </p><p>TEL 5803-5512 E-mail : Noriyuki WAKABAYASHI(Associate Professor) </p><p> TEL 5803-4935 E-mail: Course Description and Timetable Lecture Goals/outline: </p><p> The Removable Partial Denture as one of the artificial dental organs is indicated to substitute and restore the lost occlusal function and sensation when the teeth are lost by various reasons. </p><p>It is our aim to learn and study the physiological basis such as periodontal and mucosal sensation to realize, diagnose and treat the partially edentulous patients with various conditions of tooth loss by removable prostheses. </p><p>Available programs: Lecture Removable Prosthodontics for partially edentulous Patients Lecturers Y.Igarashi, N.Wakabayashi, M.Hideshima, K.Fueki </p><p>Term Every Monday: 4.Oct~15.Nov. 2010. </p><p> Time 09:30~11:30 </p><p> Lecture Room Library Room in Prosthodontics, 11F of Dental Hospital Building, Yushima Campus </p><p>Special Lecture Anytime </p><p>Seminar Anytime </p><p>Practice Goals/Outline: </p><p> The aim of the practice is to introduce, realize and argue the scientific papers for further understanding to get the knowledge of the science and practice related to the Prosthodontics. It is our keen objective to learn and realize how to read, write and criticize the papers related to the prosthodontics. Every candidate is requested to read and introduce the classical and newest papers in turn to all the rest members of the candidates with arguments. </p><p> Lab </p><p> Goals/Outline: The aim of the labo-work is to analyze and verify the denture dynamics in function for designing Removable Partial </p><p>Dentures. Every candidate is requested to be accustomed to handle the ME apparatus to record various phenomena including denture dynamics. </p><p>Format: Every candidate has to address his or her opinion freely to the others. </p><p> Venue: </p><p>Verifying the room is necessary according to the program executed. Grading: Comprehensive assessment is done including attendance of lecture, practice and labo-work and the completion of the </p><p>theme. </p><p>Notes: Contact to the above E-mail address, if necessary. </p></li></ul>


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