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My lightning talk on a team that shouldn't exist but lives the agile manifesto


  • 1. Remotely Agile? Mark Kilby July 31, 2014

2. Short bio: Coaching since 2003 Agile Orlando 3. 4. My kids work over summer tanks-xbox-360-edition-review/1900-6415682/ 5. My real office 6. Does this work? 7. 8. How do we measure up? Satisfy the Customer Welcome Change Deliver Frequently Collaborate Daily Support & Trust Motivated Teams Promote Face-to-Face Conversations Measured by Working Software Promote Sustainable Pace Promote Technical Excellence Maximize Through Simplicity Have Self-Organized Teams Reflect & Adjust Regularly Source: ? 9. Why remote? How does this work? 10. g http://rugby- 42970c-500wi over lower cost Finding best & brightest 11. Open Source attitude 12. Product Owner A c c e s s i b l e 13. Sync & Async 14. Work-Life Blend 15. Cross-team collaboration love-makes-play-for-non-programmers Backlog Refinement Code / Documentation Review storias-de-usuario-en-5-pasos.html 16. Questions we still face 17. Promote Face-to-Face Conversations Camera? or Focused Trusting Authentic Meaningful conversation ? 18. Our Kids world? tanks-xbox-360-edition-review/1900-6415682/ 19. Mark Kilby Agile Coach @mkilby twitter Lets talk in Open Jam THANKS! From


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