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  • 1. Jason Medley& Joe McCallRemote Property Flippers

2. Can you really travel allaround the world withyour family, flippingproperties with only alaptop? 3. Prague, CZ 4. 4 Keys to Success1. Marketing2. Automation3. Delegation4. Sales (talking to sellers) 5. Marketing By The Numbers Break down marketing into goals you cancontrol How many sellers do I need to talk toevery day? How much marketing should I do? 6. Automation - Systems Craigslist 123 Punch Text message, SlyDial (voiceblast), email What do I look for in Craigslist? Track leads in Google Docs & FreedomSoft Send follow up emails Sign contracts online - docusign 7. Automation - Systems What does marketing say? Hi, saw your house in Craigslist. I was wondering if it was available for Lease Purchase or Rent to Own? If it is, please call me at 555-555-5555. No website. Not salesy. 8. Automation - Systems Postcards What to look for in each market where are the buyers? Trulia heat maps ListSource & Cash Buyers Click2Mail What postcard do I send? YellowLetters 9. Automation - Systems Cold Calling Script Saw your house on Craigslist. Is it still available? Can you tell me a little bit about it? We are investors who buy and lease properties. Would you be open to leasing your house for a few years and then selling it? 10. Automation - Systems Favorite Questions What are you going to do if you cant sellyour house? Rent it? Mind if I ask you a few questions to see if Iwould even be interested in making anoffer on your house? If I could would you? 11. Delegation - Outsourcing Takethe systems, write them down JING them! Best source for VAs 12. Delegation - Outsourcing What does the Seller do? Send me pictures Show the house What does the Realtor do? Take calls Advertise on Postlets, vFlyer, Craigslist Coordinate showings 13. Delegation - Outsourcing How do you find a Realtor? Craigslist ad Im an investor looking for a Realtor to help me lease all my properties. The Realtors represent ME 14. Delegation - Outsourcing Phones Skype Google Voice Vumber Vonage (Get a local cell phone) 15. Next Time What would I do differently? Be more disciplined in my time Have my own wifi Pay the extra money for international calls 16.