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Remarkable Recoveriesaccounts of courage and strengthALSO:

Never Give Up! Eleven inspiring

Brain Normalization, Early Christian Vegetarian Communities,

Shrink Rap, Toxic Elimination, Rawducation, Healthy Bowels AND MORE!HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE VOLUME 30 ISSUE 1

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Hippocrates Health Institute West and The American Health Instituteannounce the launch of the 2010 programs in Regeneration Medicine for Optimal Longevity at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CADrs Clements Hippocrates Life Change programPioneering program teaching a living foods lifestyle. Teaches people how to takecontrol of their personal well-being, allow the body to maximize its natural healing potential and discover how to detoxify and recharge physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Dr Hranickys Psycho-Oncology program

Comprehensive regeneration medicine program for anti-aging and prevention.Ageless vitality and energy are the treatment goals of this cutting-edge approach based on natural Regeneration Medicine, addressing three steps in Anti-Aging Medicine: drain toxins; balance metabolism and hormones; and regenerate organs.

Looking for a way to enjoy tax favored income and benefit Hippocrates Health Institute too? Yes, I would like to know more about a Charitable RemainderTrust and how I can keep more of my assets. Please contact me. Name ________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City____________________ State __________Zip ___________ Phone________________________________________________ Cell _________________________________________________ email address _________________________________________ Mail to: The Straub Group 400 Lippincott Drive, Suite 110 Marlton, NJ 08053 or fax this form to: 856.983.0457

Most people spend more time planning their vacation thanthey do planning their estate. The consequences can be alarming, because without a properly designed estate plan, assets accumulated over a lifetime may end up being dissipated in avoidable estate and income taxes, not to mention costly administrative expenses and distributions to heirs in ways that they never would have wanted. If youre facing payment of estate taxes at death, we can show you how to reduce your taxable estate without losing your assets. A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a proven way of guaranteeing yourself and your spouse an income for life while benefiting any of your favorite charitable causes. With the proper use of estate planning techniques, such as CRT, assets that might otherwise have gone to taxes can be rerouted to benefit family members and charities. We can show you how you can make a major gift to Hippocrates Health Institute while retaining or increasing income from the assets you contribute. To learn how you can keep more of your assets and reduce your tax liability, call Tom Straub today at 1.888.237.7211, ext. 217 or simply complete the attached form and mail to The Straub Group at the address listed.

Dr Galitzers The Younger You program

Medicine treatments, Nutritional Medicine and the Hranicky PsychoOncology Program to enhance recovery. Dr. Janet Hranicky incorporates 30 years of clinical research with Carl Simonton, M.D. and the Simonton Cancer Center in the eld of PsychoNeuroImmunology.

Integrative Medicine program maximizes treatment benefits by integrating alternative and standard medical therapies. Combines a range of Regeneration

Nestled on the Malibu Hills of the Santa Monica Mountains sits the Serra Retreat, whose simple accommodations encourage kinship with nature while offering majestic views of the Pacic Ocean.

The Straub GroupInsurance and Financial Services, LLC400 Lippincott Drive, Suite 110, Marlton, NJ 08053

Enroll in one or both week-long sessions!1.888.237.7211

Dates: April 11 16 and June 6 11

Insurance products from the Principal Financial Group are issued by Principal National Life Insurance Company (except in New York) and Principal Life Insurance Company. Principal National and Principal Life are members of the Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA 50392. Thomas Straub, Principal National and Principal Life Agent. The Straub Group Insurance and Financial Services, LLC and Hippocrates Health Institute are not affiliates of any company of the Principal Financial Group. #6191082011

Call +1 561 471 8876 ext 193 for more information.

At a Glance [contents]

Cover image courtesy of the International Vegetarian Union. Visit for more information.


Featu res : remarkable recoveriesBearing Witness : Adrenal Exhaustion

Francesca overcame a debilitating health challenge by embracing self love, inner peace and proper nutrition.Rawk n Roll : Weakness and Lethargy


Gut Healing : Colon Cancer

Although Mimi drank lots of coffee and smoked since the age of 10, she never expected to have a 3 foot long tumor.Turning Within : Pancreatic Divisium


This issueBrain in the Balance : Avoiding Neural Degeneration

R e g u l a rs5 7 11 9, 11Letter from the Directors Readers Respond Letter from the Publisher Whats the News?


Anyone can take charge of their life, but few know what to do once they have. Mark is not only a role model but a true inspiration for his entire community.No Pain, No Meds : Arthritis


Morphine? Medical marijuana? No thanks! said David. Hed rather juice his greens than smoke them!Powerful Thoughts : Stage 4 Cancer

Feed it, use it or lose it! Dr. Brian Clement outlines sound principles to keep your brain juicy, squishy and running at peak performance.


Shrink Rap: Just the FAQs



From an eye infection gone wrong to a toxic combination of prescription drugs and steroids, Anna chronicles her monumental healing journey.Clearing Clara : Scleroderma

Qigong and strong! Discover Majlis self-healing through a combination of living foods, the ancient Chinese energetic practice of Qigong and other alternative therapies.Never Give Up: Malignant Meningioma and Genetic Osteosarcoma

Resident HHI psychotherapists Andy Bernay-Roman and Antony Chatham tackle Frequently Asked Questions from Hippocrates Health Institutes guests.Early Christian Vegetarian Communities

Hippocrates West, Guest of the Year, the POP Campaign, Alumni Programs, Mattress Matters and Dr. Brian Clements Lecture Schedule.A Codex Breakthrough!





Claras recipe for recovering from a devastating bout with Scleroderma: a steady flow of green and wheatgrass juices, a heaping of positive thinking and a side of inspiration.Total Detox: Negativity, Anemia, Melanoma and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The doctor gave her months to live. Twenty years later, Pats winning World Powerlifting Championships. Its a good thing she didnt take the doctors advice.

The first in a three part series, Jim Tibbetts unearths the historical evidence of vegetarian communities in ancient Israel during the time of Jesus. Amen, brother!Rawducation : Profiling Hippocrates Global Network of Health Educators

Codex Alimentarius? Its not one of Wile E. Coyotes names, although Big Pharma, the present-day Acme Corporation, is behind this one. With our new allies and your help, we hope to say beep, beep and defeat this once and for all!




Om Garden : Gastronomical Meditation



Keep on Truckin : Facial Tumor

Can deep physical and emotional detoxing can conquer any health challenge? Just ask Curt.

Neals massive tumor shriveled away after 28 days on a green juice fast at Hippocrates. Workaholics, slow it down!Beating the Odds : Breast Cancer

Newly appointed Educational Director Linda Frees heads HHIs Health Educator program. Her focus is on supporting and developing programs and opportunities for alumni.

Miamis hippest vegan cafe will have your taste buds chanting for more, say Andrew and Annie.One Easy Thing : Easy Does It!!




Healthy Bowels


After undergoing a mastectomy, Marie-Christine chose the superpowers of blue-green algae, wheatgrass juice and living foods to eradicate cancer.

Dr. Charles Partito on gently and naturally improving your colons health and elimination capabilities.

Barb reviews this fun and informative video offering simple steps to improve your health.Chew on This


An edible quotable for your mind and spirit.

Heal i ng Ou r Wo r l d R e m a r k a b l e R e cov e r i e s

Heal i ng Ou r Worl d Remarkabl e Recove ri es


The Most Important New Book on Natural Healthcare Fraud.


From the DirectorsIn the last year of the first decade in the 21st century, we all are engaged in the process of recovery. Our lives as pure, complete, whole and happy infants have tumbled down the pathway of social norms, leaving us as lesser people. When luck and common sense meet, we experience a revelation and recognize the aspects of ourselves that are not whole. From this point forward, people who cherish life can recover what they so sorely lack.We always focus on the physical body and its multitude of functional parts when thinking about health. Well beyond that and certainly far more important are the emotions governing our lifes outcome. They are either feathers that encourage us to float freely with clear direction, or chisels that remove pieces of our complete being. These pinnacle aspects of the human experience have the powerful potential to create passionate lives contributing to the greater whole. Sadly, most of


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